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My Teres 145 is now up for sale

This turntable has been listed on Audiogon as of 9/16/2010

Link: http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?anlgtabl&1289860943&/Teres-145



Included is everything that came from Teres Audio as I bought it.

Photos taken 7/7/10

DSC_5038.JPG (206637 bytes) Acrylic base and armboard, polished into a state of optical clarity. 

DSC_5039.JPG (167405 bytes)

DSC_5044.JPG (211748 bytes)Bearing condition: near mint  A Silicon Nitride Ceramic bearing ball is included.  Screw down record clamp is standard Teres 2-piece design; stainless steel and Delrin.  Also comes with a non-threaded spindle pin for use without the clamp.

DSC_5050.JPG (165617 bytes)

The platter is the optional lead shot loaded version. This is a significant upgrade over the plain acrylic and a beautiful bit of workmanship.

The acrylic armboard is cut for Rega RB 250 -thru-1000 series tonearms.

Motor and pod are Signature II spec.  In the motor pod is the well known Maxon A-max 110189 DC motor fitted with platinum brushes for silent cog-free operation. The motor pod has 3 tiny stainless steel cone feet that thread into the bottom.

A tape drive pulley is mounted to the Maxon DC motor shaft that can handle magnetic tape or mylar ribbon of widths up to ~1/2 inch.  Also included is the original silk thread drive pulley should the new owner wish to try silk thread.  Most Teres owners prefer the tape drive.

The power supply is the standard Tamura transformer which converts from 120 vac 60 hz.   North American version. 

The battery option, with smart charger,  and a 19 amp/hr sealed lead acid battery is also included.

The turntable is sold with 3 very heavy, (massive) tapered rubber feet that thread into the Teres base.  The base was drilled and tapped at Teres Audio for 1/4-20 inch threads.  Any cone footer using this thread size can be used, or alternatively cone feet which do not thread in may also be used. 

instruction manuals included

DSC_5063.JPG (168408 bytes)

Price: complete less tonearm$2250.00 obo

Optional: can be sold with an Expressimo modified Rega RB250 tonearm

The Expressimo tonearm is a Rega RB250 that has been modified by Expressimo as follows:

The standard Rega plastic end stub has been replaced with a stainless steel end stub. (the shaft the counterweight mounts to)
The counterweight itself has been replaced with a stainless steel counterweight with an offset bore, which allows the counterweight center of mass to occur at stylus level. 
The counterweight itself is also heavier than the standard Rega part which allows the weight to be adjusted closer to the pivot center, thusly decreasing the moment of inertia and improving tracking.
The internal tonearm wires have been replaced with a higher quality Cardas Cross wiring loom to improve signal quality.
Precisely adjustable VTA by means of a thin wall anodized aluminum sleeve that threads over the pillar body.  Note how the Teres armboard allows full underneath access..!

DSC_5053.JPG (167011 bytes)

DSC_5054.JPG (197477 bytes) The Cardas RCA plugs have been exchanged for AudioQuest plugs.  Reason; the Cardas plugs would not disassemble.  The AQ plugs do.

DSC_5058.JPG (149070 bytes) Close-up view of the Cardas headshell clips.  These are springy and will securely clip over any output pin size.

DSC_2673.jpg (66644 bytes) The counterweight has been drilled and tapped to accept machine screw fasteners that allow the attachment of additional weights to the back side.  In case we need to fine tune the arm/cart resonance to to meet the needs of a low compliance MC cartridge, such as the DL-103R.    I can supply head weights for this as well.


Condition: functionally: 120%  (has added functionality installed here.  See above photo)

Condition: cosmetically: 90% 

These sold new for ~ $700.00 at the time I bought it.

Price for the arm only, used: $500.00 firm


For more info: webmaster@theanalogdept.com