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Analog Classifieds 

Welcome to the classifieds section of The Analog Dept.  All items for sale by The Analog Dept.

For more info on any item or anything at all: email webmaster@theanalogdept.com

Readers Note: It's a long page, to see everything -- scroll down.

Ebay Items (LINK)

Turntables and or plinths for sale: 

Plinth for sale: Mule Plinth for the SP10 mkII :  Link

This becomes this:

when you install your SP10 mkII into the Mule Plinth.

Turntable accessories for sale:

Headshell SCREWS (stainless steel) and SHIMS for THORENS tonearms

Link to the info page with PayPal add-to-cart button.

Thorens headshell screws:      Hard to find Stainless Steel cartridge mounting screws for Thorens tonearms. 

more info:  Link to add description page with PPal add-to-cart button.

more info:  Link to the ad description page with PPal add-to-cart button.



Accessories For Sale: 

Shot Puck.  The 3D Printed, lead shot loaded, record weight.

What is the purpose of this record puck? (also known as a record weight)

Q: We might just as well ask the question; what is the point of any record weight?*

A: to dampen vibrations running through the record as it is being played.

Q: why lead shot chambers?

A: Very much like a sand box, the individual lead shot vibrate against one another when stimulated by an external source of vibration.  This implies that the individual shot act as a conduit through which vibrations travel.  However, because the individual shot are in intimate contact with a large mass of shot, there is not enough energy coming from the source stimulant to force the vibrations to pass completely through the chamber.  Ergo vibrations go in, they are dissipated and die within the shot chamber.  When this theory is executed properly within a record puck, the end effect is that the reduction in record vibrations result in a cleaner sounding playback.  This should also result in a measurable improvement in the s/n ratio.

*(Record weights are often nick-named a 'puck'. because the size and shape often resembles a hockey puck)

Shot Puck Intro page compares the 3 models: Link

Available now: Shot Puck Two record weight... (382.7 grams - .84 lbs)

Link to info page 

price: $47.50 usd plus shipping: $15.50 usps priority mail, medium flat rate box

paypal / money order / cash (if local pickup)

Available now: Shot Puck SP1 rev-a (326 grams - .72 lbs)

Link to info page 

price: $44.50 usd plus shipping: $15.50 usps priority mail, medium flat rate box

paypal / money order / cash (if local pickup)


Available now: The Shot Puck: Model One record weight.   (234.4 grams - .52 lbs)

link to info page 

price: $37.50 usd plus shipping: $15.50 medium flat rate box usps priority mail.

PayPal / money order / cash (if local pickup)




TD150 armboards for sale  Link: MADE TO ORDER $45.00 usd plus shipping

TD126 armboards for sale    Link: MADE TO ORDER : $45.00 usd plus shipping

Turntable Parts for Sale:

Technics SP10 mkII Bearing Thrust Pads for Sale


material: Torlon 4301

Price: $35 each.  (price includes shipping to just about anywhere)

Detailed add description page: Link



new TD124 book (revised 2nd ed.)  Status: Now Available  click link for more info


sold turntables:

Technics SP10 mkII, SH10-E, sold as working motor unit (Link to fs page)

Thorens TD150 mkII with R7 revisions. sold   Link to info page (Sold)

Sold:  A Thorens TD160 C (mk1) all original accessories, factory ship carton, significant upgrades. Link to info page

Thorens TD124 sn 2729 Sold  Link to info page  

Thorens TD124 sn 7888 Sold Link to info page

sold tonearms:

SME 3009 S2 Tonearm for sale  Sold/shipped Link to info page

sold: SME FD200 fluid damping kit: for 3009 s3

sold isolation platforms:

sold: Minus-k isolation base model 150 BM-1 link to info page


Ebay Items (LINK)

I buy used Thorens, AR, Garrard and Technics SP10 Record players

For more info contact: webmaster@theanalogdept.com