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Analog Classifieds 

Welcome to the classifieds section of The Analog Dept.  

For more info on any item or anything at all: email webmaster@theanalogdept.com

Turntable accessories for sale:

TD124 Hoods : Acrylic dustcovers for the TD124, TD121, TD134 and TD135...

available for sale.  Click on link for more info  LINK

Thorens TP13 tonearm parts for sale as a lot or individually.

DSC_9180.jpg (410133 bytes) hint: to view image full size click on the thumbnail.


2 each arm tube assemblies, one appears wired, the other is not  

2 each counterweight assemblies (partial)

2 each cue lift assemblies complete

2 each no. S 808-930 Cover Caps

1 each no. s 808-218 ball holder (pivot thrust bearing part)

For the lot I will accept $65.00 plus shipping

Please make contact with me directly to arrange purchase.

For part numbers and visual reference please see the factory assembly drawing thumbnails below.

150_07dwg.jpg (154698 bytes) 150_05dwg.jpg (119822 bytes) 150_04dwg.jpg (116937 bytes) hint: to view image full size click on the thumbnail.

Thanks for reading.

FS: Head Weights to add mass to your arm / cartridge match-up.

Link to info page and how to buy



M2.5 Stainless Steel Internal Hex (allen head) Cap Screw Cartridge Mounting Kits

To fit the majority of cartridges and head shells and with no evident magnetic attraction.  (desired when mounting cartridges with strong magnets such as moving coil cartridges.)


per popular demand I have stock on internal hex style cap screws as well as jam nuts in 304 stainless -- and also flat washers in A4 stainless.  Additionally in the kit are a pair of nylon flat washers.   

Material: 304 Stainless Steel,  Thread type: M2.5 x .45 in the following shapes:

machine screws in 304 stainless steel:

m2.5 x 6mm Long  2each

m2.5 x 8mm Long  2 each

m2.5 x 12mm Long  2 each

m2.5 x 16mm Long  2 each

m2.5 x 20mm Long  2 each

Note: above internal hex cap screws use a 2mm allen key to drive. (not included in this kit)

Hex jam nuts in 304 stainless steel; (3 each)

wrench size: 5mm

jam nut thickness: 1.8mm

thread type: m2.5 x .45

Flat washers: A4 stainless steel as follows: OD: 5.89mm, ID: 2.8mm , thickness: .5mm  (3 each)

Flat washers: Nylon as follows: OD: 5mm, ID: 2.64mm, thickness: .95mm (2 each)

In total this is an 18 piece kit.

DSC_8854.jpg (136036 bytes) left: click on thumnail to view photo full size.

Above photo: this kit in use with the nylon flat washers mounted.

Price: $12.50 plus S&H.  ($2.66usd) Ships everywhere on planet earth via USPS 1st class in a padded envelope.

Paypal accepted and preferred.





M2.5 stainless steel cartridge screw kit

To fit the majority of cartridges and headshells 

Now double the quantity at the same low price!

24 piece kit as follows:

size: metric M2.5 x .45  screw thread size and pitch

head configuration: Cheesehead slotted

20 screws in the following lengths: 

16mm (4 each)

12mm (4 each)

10mm (4 each)

8mm (4 each)

6mm (4 each)

4 each M2.5 x .45 mm hex nuts

stainless steel alloy: 18-8ph  (entire kit)

non magnetic  100% inspection for magnetic attraction prior to ship.


Price: $12.50 plus ship (2.60usd usps 1st class in a padded envelope)

ships to anywhere on Planet Earth same price.

Payment options: Paypal, Money Order, personal check, local pick-up by special arrangement





For Thorens only : Cartridge Screws

Unique Headshell Screws (stainless steel) and shims for THORENS tonearms

Link to the info page 

Thorens headshell screws:      Hard to find Stainless Steel cartridge mounting screws for Thorens tonearms. 

more info:  Link to add description page 


Shot Puck.  The 3D Printed, lead shot loaded, record stabilizer.

Available now -- Link: Shot Puck Model One.

Price: 44.50 plus ship

Click on image to visit info page and to make purchase via PayPal.


Shot Puck Intro page compares the 4 models 



I buy used Thorens, AR, Garrard and Technics SP10 Record players

For more info contact: webmaster@theanalogdept.com