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DIY Cable Elevators

1) AS_2.jpg (144250 bytes)

#1: Cardboard tube contains a baggie full of kitty litter.  The top rim of the tube is lined with teflon tape (plumbers tape) to improve dialectric properties of the lift.


2) AS_3.jpg (106582 bytes) 

3) bambootripodlift.jpg (177764 bytes) epoxied bamboo

4) bmboo_lash_tri.jpg (110272 bytes) lashed bamboo

Items #3 and #4. Bamboo tripods.  The first attempt (#3) was to epoxy the bamboo sticks together.  Unfortunately, bamboo is quite oily and resistant to common adhesives, even strong ones like epoxy.  The bond simply breaks away from the bamboo under minimal pressure. The second attempt resorted to the time-tested method of lashing.  Using sisal twine soaked in water, the lashings were tied wet.  The completed tripod (with wet lashings) was allowed 24 hours to dry as the lashings shrunk tighter.  So far, I like these cable lifts the best.  At present I can't say that I have a sonic preference between the cardboard tubes filled with kitty litter, or the bamboo tripods.  Both methods get the cable up off the carpet, which is what counts,  but I like the looks of the tripods better.

5) bamboosys.jpg (83245 bytes)