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Ferruccio's Hoods:  Acrylic Dustcovers for the Thorens TD124, TD121, TD134 and TD135

Made in Switzerland

Seller: Ferruccio Bracchi, Farvagny, Switzerland

The Analog Dept. is working with the seller to help market his inventory of acrylic TD124 dustcovers in the following way:

The seller, Ferruccio Bracchi, agrees to wave shipping fees to buyers who mention The Analog Dept when they make contact via email with him.  In return, I receive a small fee comparable to fees paid to ebay when he sells over that venue.  The email used for contact is listed below.

note: click on each thumbnail to view image full size.

DSC_6685.jpg (287608 bytes) Hood with cutout in use.

DSC_6697.jpg (385930 bytes) Hood with cutout for tonearms that have longer counterweights

DSC_6699.jpg (451410 bytes) Cutout Detail

DSC_6678.jpg (385496 bytes)  DSC_6688.jpg (293288 bytes) DSC_6690.jpg (285344 bytes)

For use with 9-inch tonearms both standard issue and aftermarket; with or without cutout. Sized to hug outer profile of the Chassis within a fraction of an inch.  See photos above.

Hood Standard: $215 usd - free shipping

Hood with Cutout: $240 usd - free shipping

Please note; the free shipping offer is restricted to readers at The Analog Dept.  So please inform Ferruccio that you read about it here to get that deal.  Otherwise it will be $40usd to ship from Switzerland to North America.!

To Purchase make email contact with Ferruccio directly at <  the.hood@gmx.ch  > and tell him Steve sent you.

Thanks for your interest!  Comments to: webmaster@theanalogdept.com

Disclaimer; only the acrylic dustcover is on sale.  The turntable and plinth are photo props and not part of any sale.

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