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Harry Psaradellis' Thorens Phantasie

HP_phant_2.jpg (217674 bytes) HP_phant_3.jpg (242143 bytes) HP_phant_4.jpg (260705 bytes) HP_phant_cartridge_1.jpg (91978 bytes)

*Cartridge is the Adcom XC/MRII,  Tonearm is the TP16 IV

Harry's comments:

".....I bought the Thorens Phantasie off ebay about 12 years ago and just got it out of storage.  Thank god it's working as I had never tried it.  The springs were snapped.  I got new ones so all good now.  I know they are rare....."



*  The Thorens Phantasie was the promotional version of the Thorens TD321.  They were made in limited quantities and were quite a bit more expensive to buy compared to the regular TD321.