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Underneath layout is fundamentally the same as MK I with some  detail changes.

1) The phono output fixture has been relocated to directly under the armboard on this unit. 

2) Wire clamps for 115 input and phono out appear changed from MK I configuration

3) Plinth has no veneer inside or out.  Appears to be constructed from more than one piece.  Overall, this plinth appears slightly lighter than the MK I.

Other details will be noted in close-up photos below.

MK2_clip_2.jpg (78454 bytes) MK2hub_clip_2.jpg (55400 bytes) Subplatter views and the safety clip.

MK2output.jpg (97762 bytes) Revisions to phono outputs from MK I....?

MK2spr_2.jpg (94109 bytes) Suspension springs

MK2_topside_1.jpg (48361 bytes) Upper view

MK2TP16_1.jpg (175093 bytes) MK2 TP16.  Changes from MK I.  There are some...!

TP62jig.jpg (68047 bytes) TP62 head tube alignment jig