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For Sale: The Mule Plinth for your SP10 mkII

DSC_3128.jpg (196264 bytes) DSC_3129.jpg (159544 bytes) DSC_3130.jpg (213561 bytes) DSC_3131.jpg (214129 bytes) DSC_3132.jpg (343597 bytes)


This plinth is being sold 'Less'  the SP10 mkII motor unit for which it is designed.  An important design feature of this build is that it is designed specifically for fitting 9-inch tonearms to the SP10 mkII.

left: The Mule Plinth as it carries the SP10 mkII motor unit with a Graham 2.2 tonearm mounted. (motor unit, tonearm and Stillpoint Cone footers not included)

left: from above.

left: from behind



The Mule Plinth is a minimalist light/rigid design.  The primary material is Baltic Birch Multi-ply. Above each large rubber foot is a cylindrical shot chamber holding #9 lead shot.  The shot chambers serve to dampen resonance directly over the footer, and also to help 'plant' each footer onto the surface where it stands.  This plinth is equipped with 1/4-20 thread inserts to accommodate which ever cone footers the new owner desires.  (4 required) The rubber feet shown go with this sale and will serve as a very practical choice.

Fwiw, I made (and sold) one other Mule Plinth earlier this year.  It was my 2nd build and features minor detail changes while retaining the essential design.  This one that I have for sale is the first build and adheres closest to the design intent.

It is being sold with two tone-arm boards.  The one seen mounted is for round base Graham tone-arms such as the 2.2.  The board to the side is cut for SME 9 inch tone-arms. 


Buyer pays shipping (will ship per buyers preference)

Shipping container = heavy duty box 24x24x12.  Combined total weight = ~28 lbs

Paypal ok, (may we split the paypal fees?)

local pick-up ok (and in that case, so is cash)

for more info contact: webmaster@theanalogdept.com