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An O-ring idler wheel for the Thorens TD124, TD135, TD121 and TD184 From AudioSilente in Rome, Italy.

Review in progress.  For now I offer photos and notes.

Below: the wheel as received from Audiosilente.

DSC_3391.jpg (274745 bytes) DSC_3392.jpg (215402 bytes) DSC_3393.jpg (316964 bytes) DSC_3394.jpg (195782 bytes)

The wheel is nicely machined in aluminum.  Bushing is bronze. Comes with instructions and three spare O-rings.  On the wheel is the black rubber O-ring.  In the bag are two red O-rings and one black. The shiny red one is silicone, the others are rubber.  Presently I'm listening to the black rubber that was on the wheel as received. 


DSC_3395.jpg (231075 bytes) DSC_3399.jpg (223565 bytes) Left.  Two photos.  The Thorens idler wheel, then the Audiosilente O-ring wheel.

DSC_3402.jpg (175303 bytes)DSC_3403.jpg (213726 bytes) The Audiosilente wheel out of the wrapper.

DSC_3400.jpg (190856 bytes) Left: looking at the idler wheel axle shaft, thrust washer and phenolic spacer washer beneath.  The phenolic spacers are used to adjust wheel height relative to the stepped pulley that drives it.


DSC_3409.jpg (210127 bytes)

Link to movie file of the wheel in action. (.mov file -- Quicktime movie)

Early notes:

Fit and finish appear excellent.
There was a need to adjust wheel height by using a different combination of phenolic spacers beneath the thrust washer.
Visually, the wheel appears to spin true in all axes.  The O-ring appears to be well seated within the wheel and spinning true.
SQ: most prominent difference: bass seems better defined and also more prominent.  Good sense of visceral thrust.  No loss of detail in the other sound frequencies.

I will write a full review when I have tested the other O-rings and had a chance to listen in depth and at length.

-Steve (webmaster)