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Raymond Pics: 2018


DSC_6753.jpg (450962 bytes) DSC_6754.jpg (625532 bytes)

Above: 1/21/2018  Starlings feeding on the grass.


February, 2018

DSC_6816.jpg (456035 bytes) 2/7/2018  from my balcony again.  The down river shot.  This time in February.

DSC_6804.jpg (671209 bytes) 2/7/2018   Neighbor's yard across the street.  Family of deer.  One with an injured leg.  The neighbor's pet cat interacts with the deer.

DSC_6805.jpg (610595 bytes) A bit of face to face time between the deer and the cat.

DSC_6807.jpg (568865 bytes) Cat sprints for a more secure observation point.  Cats.  Domestic and wild, are always looking for a strategic edge.

DSC_6807edits1.jpg (350951 bytes) edits for size

DSC_6800.jpg (622652 bytes) DSC_6802.jpg (746860 bytes) DSC_6803.jpg (673363 bytes)

above: three shots of the deer with injured leg.  2/7/2018

2/20/2018  A bit of snow

DSC_6921.jpg (293220 bytes) DSC_6924.jpg (519766 bytes)

DSC_6925.jpg (376605 bytes) DSC_6926.jpg (498511 bytes)

DSC_6922.jpg (395869 bytes) The snow remained until 2/22/2018.


DSC_6968.jpg (308677 bytes) The down river shot, again.  Fog.  Rain.


DSC_6990.jpg (333563 bytes) The down river shot, again. Sun. Clouds. Near sunset.


DSC_7008.jpg (439348 bytes) DSC_7009.jpg (332704 bytes) Raymond Pharmacy

DSC_6993.jpg (302706 bytes) On Hwy 101 at the North end of the bridge on the North Fork Willapa River. 

DSC_7049.jpg (715427 bytes) DSC_7050.jpg (602345 bytes) DSC_7052.jpg (835151 bytes) DSC_7057.jpg (459976 bytes) DSC_7059.jpg (763471 bytes)

Above 5 shots; Geese on Willapa.  Shots taken from the bridge over the North Fork.

Birds and chimney stack.jpg (644378 bytes) (large) 3_4_2018: Birds and chimney stack_s.jpg (337682 bytes) (not as large)

Above: Birds and Chimney.  Windy. Sunny. Cloudy....and later that day, rain - light but propelled by the brisk wind. The birds, Starlings, I believe. About 60% size of a crow.  They feed off the ground and especially in the marsh land that is found along the banks of the Willapa. 

DSC_7109.jpg (136211 bytes) Sunset, 3_4_2018


DSC_7142.jpg (171818 bytes) DSC_7162.jpg (553566 bytes) DSC_7176.jpg (538303 bytes) DSC_7177.jpg (361518 bytes) DSC_7179.jpg (570135 bytes)

DSC_7184.jpg (362512 bytes) DSC_7194.jpg (777341 bytes) DSC_7197.jpg (363833 bytes) DSC_7154.jpg (228646 bytes)


Sunny Day.


DSC_7360.jpg (479439 bytes) Relics from the past

DSC_7247.jpg (371445 bytes)  The downriver shot, yet again.

DSC_7254.jpg (314431 bytes) Mud on the Willapa.

DSC_7271.jpg (570583 bytes) On the bridge.


DSC_7261.jpg (450041 bytes)

Geese on river

DSC_7248.jpg (783594 bytes) DSC_7249.jpg (666286 bytes)  DSC_7314.jpg (593309 bytes)

DSC_7323.jpg (660235 bytes) DSC_7323uncropped.jpg (585976 bytes) Left: same photo, cropped and uncropped

DSC_7329.jpg (604484 bytes) DSC_7330.jpg (565654 bytes) DSC_7339.jpg (374817 bytes) DSC_7342.jpg (394714 bytes)

DSC_7348.jpg (473037 bytes)  DSC_7364.jpg (633186 bytes) DSC_7365.jpg (713688 bytes)

Lumber Mill

DSC_7373.jpg (435392 bytes)

DSC_7392.jpg (265227 bytes) There's that steel eagle again.


Robin with Starlings.

DSC_7407cc2.jpg (505301 bytes) DSC_7408.jpg (279281 bytes) DSC_7410.jpg (154312 bytes)

DSC_7412.jpg (416772 bytes) DSC_7413.jpg (606861 bytes) DSC_7413alt.jpg (417917 bytes) left: from my balcony. 


DSC_7763.jpg (280371 bytes) DSC_7764.jpg (378455 bytes) Left:  Mallard Duck in flight.  Taken in Raymond, alongside hwy 101 in a swampy little drainage ditch.

DSC_7759.jpg (421866 bytes) DSC_7760.jpg (466100 bytes) DSC_7761.jpg (515431 bytes)

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