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Raymond Pics_2019

January 1_2019

DSC_1144.jpg (314041 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size

DSC_1146.jpg (268605 bytes)

Above two photos: From my Balcony.  It's the downriver shot again.  This time it's on New Year's Day 2019.  It was cold, frosty and in the low 30's (F)  These photos were taken in the late afternoon.  We can see what appears to be a fog over the water....or was it smoke?... I don't know but it was transitory and evaporated before sundown.  It was a cold, sunny, windless and beautiful New Year's Day.

apples n oranges.jpg (256618 bytes) 1/10/2019.  Sometimes you compare apples with oranges when it should be apples to apples and oranges to oranges..... but humans often make that error.  So here is your metaphor.

1/19/2019 with an eye toward the Willapa River.

DSC_1166.jpg (297656 bytes) DSC_1167.jpg (766212 bytes) DSC_1168.jpg (609130 bytes)

DSC_1170.jpg (411930 bytes) DSC_1180.jpg (356284 bytes) DSC_1182.jpg (320705 bytes)

Above 6 shots; more high water.  There was a very high tide in December last year.  Now in the new year we have more high water.  Note the house with water nearly at its porch.


DSC_1192.jpg (827160 bytes) DSC_1193.jpg (510743 bytes)Left: across the street.

DSC_1194.jpg (567046 bytes) DSC_1201.jpg (272315 bytes) DSC_1203.jpg (456066 bytes) DSC_1204.jpg (554436 bytes) Left: The river....tide is going out but water level is still high


DSC_1365.jpg (540991 bytes) DSC_1370.jpg (409813 bytes)  snowy day.  From the balcony.  10:35pm.  Tripod.


DSC_1371.jpg (309155 bytes) DSC_1372.jpg (514421 bytes) DSC_1376.jpg (553629 bytes)


DSC_1378.jpg (456856 bytes) DSC_1446.jpg (355537 bytes) DSC_1449.jpg (410021 bytes)


DSC_1454.jpg (561627 bytes) DSC_1457.jpg (246433 bytes) DSC_1459.jpg (509182 bytes) DSC_1460.jpg (301313 bytes)


DSC_1481.jpg (460984 bytes) DSC_1482.jpg (710294 bytes) DSC_1484.jpg (539061 bytes)

Above 3 photos: Taken from the balcony. (hand held) The atmosphere has remained frigid for the entire month.  A light dusting of snow overnight  results in more white on the ground this last day of February.   No wind.  Sunny and cold.

March 2019

DSC_1530.jpg (355123 bytes) 3/4/2019 (from the balcony, hand held, that downriver shot again)

DSC_1537.jpg (136277 bytes) 3/8/2019 (from the balcony, hand held.  Temperature in the low thirties, no wind, sunny, bike rider heading North on hwy 101)

DSC_1539.jpg (347624 bytes) 3/8/2019 (from the balcony, hand held, that downriver shot again)

DSC_1542.jpg (330108 bytes) 3/8/2019 (from the balcony, hand held, a stack of telephone poles)

DSC_1548.jpg (305589 bytes) 3/10/2019 (from the balcony, hand held, that downriver shot again)

DSC_1562.jpg (662032 bytes) 3/11/2019 (on foot, Raymond on hwy 101.  Cat Tails)

DSC_1567.jpg (284907 bytes)3/11/2019 (on foot, Raymond on hwy 101.  Cat Tails)

DSC_1576.jpg (263465 bytes) 3/11/2019 (on foot, Raymond on hwy 101, Willapa bridge North Fork, a robin looks me in the eye)

DSC_1597.jpg (320004 bytes) 3/15/2019  from the balcony

DSC_1599.jpg (447430 bytes) 3/17/2019 from the balcony

DSC_1602.jpg (327244 bytes) 3/19/2019 at sundown from the balcony  (a warm day with temps in the low seventies)

DSC_1611.jpg (453317 bytes) 3/20/2019 at 8:01 AM from the balcony