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Sold: A Thorens TD160C in excellent condition

DSC_2217.jpg (364637 bytes) DSC_2203.jpg (401646 bytes) DSC_2202.jpg (433086 bytes) DSC_2201.jpg (326513 bytes)

Comes with:

Original Thorens TD160 ship carton with styrofoam inserts for safe storage and shipping.
Original Thorens TD160 Owners manual 
Original Thorens supplied cartridge mounting shims and screws, 
Original Thorens cartridge alignment jig for overhang and vta.
TP60 headshell in near mint condition.
A working Shure cartridge with recent stylus assembly replacement.
RCA jackplate on back of cabinet is installed so that owner can use signal interconnect of choice. 


Original Dustcover in very nice condition.  No scratches.  Some light scuffs will be noticed under harsh lighting.  Otherwise, it appears clear and pristine.
Carefully maintained and lubricated.
A recent replacement drive belt is included.  This particular belt (sourced from Rolf Kelch) is from the same factory Thorens used back in the day and is an exact replacement to the original.
Suspension is tuned to achieve vertical oscillation of the suspended sub-chassis per design.
Motor pulley has been upgraded to a precision cnc machined aluminum clutch pulley assembly.
Motor board has received damping material (dynamat)
Subchassis plate has adhered to it a stiff bituminous multi-layered paper as dampening material per the TD160 Super method.
The light factory masonite bottom plate has been replaced with a 1/2 inch thick solid wood plate installed with threaded inserts for different footer mounting options.  See details below.
Comes with 4 heavy rubber feet attached via 1/4-20 machine screws.

DSC_1562.jpg (358114 bytes) photo from the final assembly phase shows the underneath components.  The motor board (metal plate that the motor mounts to) is damped with Dynamax.  The subchassis is damped with a bituminous material that both dampens vibrations happening within the subchassis plate and also serves to stiffen the subchassis plate.

DSC_1566.jpg (344927 bytes) Showing the signal wires hook-up arrangement to the RCA output jack.  This scheme duplicates the Thorens method of combining the arm body ground with chassis ground and soldering these to the left channel output ground at the RCA.  Typically, there will be no problems of a ground hum issue with this particular layout.  An additional chassis ground stud has been added for the odd case when a separate ground tag might be needed.  Generally, just plug in the RCA outputs to the phono stage and you're already grounded.  Use Interconnects of your choice.


DSC_2214.jpg (226089 bytes) DSC_2215.jpg (197885 bytes) DSC_2214.jpg (226089 bytes) 

Above photos: TD160 at play.

Profile views with Dustcover

DSC_2178.jpg (182627 bytes) DSC_2179.jpg (188122 bytes) DSC_2180.jpg (180264 bytes)

Profile views without Dustcover.

DSC_2181.jpg (204918 bytes) DSC_2182.jpg (148064 bytes) DSC_2183.jpg (218542 bytes) DSC_2185.jpg (301022 bytes)

DSC_2190.jpg (240850 bytes) View at the inside of the outer platter.  Look at 11-o-clock near perimeter and in plain view are the 4 drillings from the dynamic balance session at the factory.  Not all TD160 outer platters show evidence of having been dynamically balanced.  This one has.

TD160 brg shft.jpg (212839 bytes) The 10mm bearing shaft on this sample shows minimal evidence of having been used. No measurable evidence of wear.

DSC_2197.jpg (113268 bytes) CNC precision machined clutch pulley from Audio Silente (Rome).  This part duplicates the dimensions and function of the plastic clutch pulley as supplied by Thorens, only with greater precision.  Instead of injection molded plastic we have lathe turned parts with much greater form in terms of roundness and size.

Above exploded assembly view of the AudioSilente aluminum clutch pulley. It assembles the same as the original Thorens Plastic pulley. The Thorens compression spring and locking collar are retained.

DSC_2198.jpg (172195 bytes) The heavy bottom plate is fitted with 5ea  1/4-20 thread inserts so that the owner can install the footers of his/her choice.  Currently fitted are 4 heavy rubber feet secured with 1/4-20 machine screws.  Three hard cones could just as easily be fitted.  Owners choice.

DSC_2209.jpg (214387 bytes) Closeup view of the TP60 headshell. This particular specimen is in very nice cosmetic and functional condition. Note also that this headshell sells for quite a lot on the second hand market. Comes with.

DSC_2210.jpg (268284 bytes) Original accessories.  The cartridge mounting shims and screws.  And the alignment jig. An additional kit of screws in stainless steel will be supplied so that the new owner always has the correct length of screw to fit a variety of cartridges into the TP60 headshell..

DSC_2211.jpg (152200 bytes) The cartridge in this photo is a R1000ED (Radio Shack branded Shure M75ED)

DSC_2212.jpg (151945 bytes) DSC_2213.jpg (187045 bytes)

sn tag.jpg (250442 bytes) serial tag.


Packing the ship carton

Looking inside the box with the lower styro-foam molding installed

Looking inside the box with the outer platter, tonearm counterweight and tonearm headshell fitted in their respective pockets.

Looking inside the box with the platter mat installed over the outer platter.

Looking inside the box with the turntable installed.  Note the tonearm, less counterweight and headshell is tied to the parking post.  Note also the cardboard spacer fitted under the inner driven platter.  This prevents damage to the bearing thrust and also immobilizes the floating suspension.

Looking inside the box with the upper styro-foam molding installed.  On top are the accessories. Cartridge mounting shims and screws plus the overhang/vta alignment jig.

Looking inside the box with the cartridge mounting shims and screws plus alignment jig fitted in the provided pocket.

Looking inside the box with the owners manual installed to its pocket.

Looking inside the box with a felt cloth installed over the pocket that holds the dust cover.

ship_carton_12.jpg (263483 bytes) Looking inside the box with the dustcover installed into its pocket over the felt cloth

Looking inside the box with another felt protective cloth fitted over the top of the dustcover.

ship_carton_10.jpg (250164 bytes) Looking at the top of the closed ship carton.

ship_carton_11.jpg (338953 bytes) Another view of the packed ship carton.