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For Sale: SOLD

SME model 3009 Series 2 tone arm


DSC_2925.jpg (110638 bytes) DSC_2928.jpg (151644 bytes) DSC_2929.jpg (130590 bytes) DSC_2930.jpg (140662 bytes)

DSC_2932.jpg (113391 bytes) DSC_2933.jpg (160216 bytes) DSC_2934.jpg (132447 bytes) DSC_2935.jpg (130534 bytes)

DSC_2937.jpg (193878 bytes) DSC_2938.jpg (70137 bytes) DSC_2940.jpg (137633 bytes)

Above: photos of the tonearm taken just prior to posting this ad.


Condition report:  

The coupling rubber isolators within the stub tube at the counterweight end have beenI replaced with new rubber couplers from SME Tonearms.com
The bayonet coupler at the forward arm tube has received a new spring pin module acquired from SME Tonearms.com.
The original tonearm wires were replaced with some better sounding wire; AWG 36 with a very soft silver plate on ofc copper. (it is a very fine gage wire) Cardas eutectic solder was used to attach the new wires.
The ball bearings, after cleaning, showed no evidence of wear at 10x magnification.
The original steel knife edge bearing, while using 10x magnification, showed no evidence of wear.  (It looks quite good 40 years later). And the saddle it rotates within still looks new.
 did reconnect the original SME output socket (4 pins and a ground tag) to the AWG 36 silver/copper wire.



The 3009 Series 2 were manufactured from 1963 to 1973.  In 1973 the 3009 series 2 arms were replaced with the  somewhat less respected 3009 S2 "Improved".  This sample I have up for sale is from the 1963-1973 period.  The Series 2. 
The tonearm as pictured is seen mounted to an arm-board for the Thorens TD126 and with a Grado Moving Iron cartridge mounted within its SME headshell.  The armboard and the Grado are not part of this sale.  However, for those who might want one, the TD126/sme armboard is available separately within the 'analog classifieds' as this site.
This tonearm came to me without the oem phono cable assy that plugs into the bottom 4 pin SME output socket.  The buyer will need to supply his/her own phono cables to fit the standard SME output socket.
This tonearm comes with the original box and owners manual.



One of my preoccupations is 3D CAD modeling.  Therefore I disassembled this tonearm completely so that I could measure and then model in CAD each piece of it.  This gave me the opportunity to appraise its design and build quality.  The quality of build is impeccable, as we have all come to expect of anything coming from SME.

Here's a sketch render of the model I made:



Now that I have the model, I am free to sell the tonearm onward.  And the buyer gets the opportunity to own a true vintage classic; The SME 3009 Series 2

Price: $450 obo SOLD
shipping: buyer pays ship.  Conus: $16.65 usps priority mail or $16.85 FedEx ground
Paypal works for me.



Thanks for looking

Steve at The Analog Dept.