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SOLD: one SP10 mkII with Mule Plinth, Less tone-arm


SP10 mkII (first version) sn# DA9K14F005
mfg year: ~1976-1977 
SH-10E power supply (input = 120 VAC for North America operation)
Standard heavy rubber platter mat in very good condition.
Being sold with the custom light-rigid Mule Plinth as pictured
The Mule Plinth is designed for 9 inch tone-arms.  Will not accommodate a 12 inch tone-arm
Being sold with two tone-arm boards.  One board is cut for round base Graham tone-arm.  The other board is cut for SME tonearms. Prior to shipment I can cut another armboard for a 9 inch tone-arm of the buyer's choice.
Does not come with a tone-arm.  The buyer will supply the tone-arm.
The plinth caries 4 vertical shot pockets directly over the cone feet. (filled with #9 lead shot) (as a damping medium)
Equipped with 4 Stillpoints cone feet (as pictured)


Cosmetics motor unit = original finishes.  No evidence of environmental damage due to improper storage and handling. Minimal wear and tear is in evidence.
Cosmetics SH-10E power supply = original finish. Some evidence of wear and tear due to handling and age. Switch lever shows some finish irregularities. Faceplate also. But original silk-screen text is intact.  The power supply LED lights up when switched on.
Overall, this unit is working without fault. 
The strobe lights brightly and holds steady during operation. 
The solenoid brake functions correctly.
The platter comes up to speed near instantaneously with strong torque.


Maintenance performed while in my care:
Main platter bearing: 
Cleaned old oil and debris from housing. (there was evidence to suggest that this was the first maintenance ever received in the bearing housing)
Replaced worn nylon thrust pad with a new Torlon 4203 thrust pad
Replaced Steel bearing thrust ball with a /siN4 Ceramic Grade 5 bearing ball (even harder than the steel ball)
Replaced lube with straight 20 wt turbine oil (Texaco R&O 46 -- aka Thorens oil)

left: new Torlon 4203 thrust cap with the sin4 grade 5 ceramic thrust ball prior to installation.

Electronics: History is unknown. No evidence of re-soldering on any of the PCB's. As noted above; This unit is working without fault.

Operational notes:

Play testing indicates a unit in excellent condition.  It is expected that the buyer will already possess high quality signal chain* components and will hear nothing less than high quality vinyl reproduction.


* signal chain components = cartridge, tonearm, phono cable, phono preamp, preamp, amp, speaker cables and speakers. Use high quality signal chain components with this deck.  No tone-arm is too good.  No cartridge is too good, etc.

The Mule plinth will be available separately.

Can be sold as a motor unit with power supply, less Mule Plinth for $1300.00 usd (motor unit, power supply, less plinth sold for $1300.)


More detail photos:

DSC_3112.jpg (215187 bytes) DSC_3113.jpg (265076 bytes) DSC_3114.jpg (193566 bytes) DSC_3115.jpg (181785 bytes)

DSC_3117.jpg (172908 bytes) DSC_3118.jpg (122289 bytes) DSC_3119.jpg (165720 bytes) DSC_3120.jpg (190663 bytes)

DSC_3123.jpg (198225 bytes)

a link to some history I've documented with this motor unit while in my care: LINK

for more info from the seller contact: webmaster@theanalogdept.com