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back to the Shotpuck Intro page:

ShotPuck Model One, Revision A  (SP1 rev-a)

Finish: Texture Black Enamel

Price: 44.50 usd

Shipping: $15.50 usps priority mail medium flat rate box  

note: international customers pay the same as conus, but it ships via usps first class international


Paypal, Money order, cash (if local pickup)


Questions: email webmaster@theanalogdept.com

Product Notes:

This model is derived from the Shot Puck Model One in that it retains the overall shape with five cylindrical shot chambers arranged in a five point star configuration.  It differs from the Model One as follows:

  1. The shot chamber volume is increased to carry a larger shot load which results in a total Puck Weight of .72 lbs vs .52 lbs for the Model One.

  2. The external body detail over the spindle pin bore is altered in shape to make a more efficient use of the ABS resin material while maintaining strength.

  3. This model implements a post-print procedure which results in a much smoother external finish.  The process is sometimes called Acetone Vapor finish.  The acetone vapor process increases the total manufacturing time requirement by an additional 10 hours.  The visual impression, I think, makes the added time worth while, and also can eliminate the need for paint   At this time the standard finish for this model is texture black enamel.  Natural finish pucks (no paint) will be made available separately, soon.


DSC_3530.jpg (462577 bytes) DSC_3531.jpg (332981 bytes) DSC_3532.jpg (315294 bytes)

Above: SP1 rev-a with texture black enamel finish

What is the purpose of this record puck? (also known as a record weight)

Q: We might just as well ask the question; what is the point of any record weight?*

A: to dampen vibrations running through the record as it is being played.

Q: why lead shot chambers?

A: Very much like a sand box, the individual lead shot vibrate against one another when stimulated by an external source of vibration.  This implies that the individual shot act as a conduit through which vibrations travel.  However, because the individual shot are in intimate contact with a large mass of shot, there is not enough energy coming from the source stimulant to force the vibrations to pass completely through the chamber.  Ergo vibrations go in, they are dissipated and die within the shot chamber.  When this theory is executed properly within a record puck, the end effect is that the reduction in record vibrations result in a cleaner sounding playback.  This should also result in a measurable improvement in the s/n ratio.

*(Record weights are often nick-named a 'puck'. because the size and shape often resembles a hockey puck)

left. cad sketch renders

Above: SP1 rev-a after Acetone Vapor process.  Natural black (unpainted)


DSC_3476.jpg (286348 bytes)

Left: after acetone vapor, two tone ABS; body=green abs, caps=black abs.  Natural. No coatings.