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Swiss Precision, The Story of the Thorens TD 124 and Other Classic Turntables 2nd ed.

author: Joachim Bung


The much expanded 2nd ed.

Contact Joachim: info@td-124.de

web:   http://www.td-124.de

 To view selected pages from the new book link here: http://www.beykirch.net/Thorens/Buch.htm

Printer1a.jpg (117446 bytes) Printer2a.jpg (111697 bytes) Printer3a.jpg (101369 bytes) photos of the book at the printers.  

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A New Book on Classic Hi-Fi Turntables from the 1960s

Swiss Precision

by Joachim Bung

After a successful first German edition on hi-fi turntables by the Swiss brand Thorens, which

concentrated on the TD 124 model, a revised and strongly expanded second edition of Swiss

Precision is available from mid-December.

Swiss Precision includes:

A full history of the belt and idler wheel turntables made by Thorens in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland: TD 121, 124, 134, 135, 184, 224

Portraits of Lenco AG and Thorens-Franz AG – documenting the whole history of the Swiss turntable in one volume

Extensive chapters on the Thorens TD 124’s competition:

Garrard 301 / 401, Connoisseur Craftsman, Goldring GL88 and G99,

Jobo-Acoustical 2600 / 2800 / 3100, Rek-O-Kut Rondine, Empire Troubadour

Information and stories on 1960s tonearm and cartridge classics Ortofon, SME and Shure with attractive photography and rare catalogue images

Exciting descriptions of the beginnings of high fidelity in Germany from 1959 to 1964 – including information and photography of the first hi-fi turntables by Braun,

Elac, Perpetuum-Ebner and Dual

Much more on Lenco and Thorens in discotheques, the role of the TD 124 in  Denmark, long-forgotten turntable accessories, etc. …

288 pages, four-color, hardcover, glossy paper, 580 illustrations, English

Project consultation: Ken Kessler; assistance from more than 50 audiophiles and


Telephone: +49-6084-3764, E-Mail: info@td-124.de

link to reviews of Swiss Precision:






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Swiss Precision


This book occupies itself with the decade spanning from 1957 to 1967 – the years in which Thorens established its global reputation for hi-fi stereo turntables. Ahead of their time in sound and technology, the Swiss-made, highly sought-after decks achieved cult status. This is especially true of the Thorens TD 124, a machine that was created with the same care and precision that makes a Swiss watch what it is.

Joachim Bung owns different versions of the Thorens TD 124. With the topic in mind for a while, this freelance journalist researched his subject extensively for about two years. He interviewed important contemporaries and was able to win the use of valuable documents to illustrate his book from the files of experts. He was also successful in interviewing eighty-nine-year-old Robert Thorens in Sainte-Croix, who spoke about his time as head engineer of the former factory. This richly illustrated book excitingly describes the many facets of this period of Thorens’s long history.

New in this revised and expanded edition are chapters on other turntables from the 1960s that were actually competitors for the Thorens TD 124. Extravagant motors by Garrard, Connoisseur, Acoustical, and even Lenco/Goldring remained a dream for most audiophiles in that era. And because such models still needed a tonearm and a cartridge in order to play records, well-known products by SME, Shure, and Ortofon from that era are also acknowledged with chapters.


"Bung gets straight to the heart of the matter, limiting pre-history to three or four pages. What follows is a mouth-watering mix of chapters detailing the chronological saga, augmented by profiles of hard-core TD 124 owners, wonderful reprints of old literature, detail shots of the innards, amazing historical photos, information on maintaining and tweaking 124s, and much more."

Ken Kessler on the first edition of Swiss Precision in Hi-Fi News, issue 3/2006



ISBN 978-3-00-021162-1