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user510's Thorens Gallery page.


  1. Thorens TD124 above. sn#13943.  Standing in heavy slate and on a minus k isolation base (model 150 BM-1)  The tonearm is Graham Engineering's model 2.2.  Cartridge is Shelter 501 type II.  Headweight in use.


DSC_2909.jpg (303566 bytes) #13943 in an open box plinth.

other notes:  I have owned two other TD124 motor units over the past 9 years.  Sn 2729 (sold) and Sn 7888 (sold).  13943 is the one I keep and it will receive upgrades and updates in the future as I determine.  At this point everything I have learned about keeping a TD124 operating correctly can be seen and heard in this chassis.

for notes on #2729 link here:

for notes on #7888 link here:

for build and experimental notes on #13943 link here:


Dec. 2015

earlier photo of 13943 sporting an Infinity Black Widow tonearm fitted with an ADC XLM mkII.  Plinth: Min Lt._2

DSC_2254.jpg (264076 bytes) DSC_2258.jpg (294600 bytes)

Current: Concept render: TD150mk II with R7.1 mods.  More details at link



Thorens TD150 mkII

A customized TD150 

more details on this one: No. 79209

picture disc_1.jpg (293635 bytes) # 2729 with a picture disc.  And the Graham 2.2 with Shelter 501-II mounted.





A Thorens TD160

the one that began this website for me: