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user510's Thorens TD126 mk III project page

As received:

In black trim. Front panel appears to be anodized aluminum plate. 

This model is a suspended sub-chassis design with three conical coil springs supporting and isolating the sub-chassis from the rest of the plinth.

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purchased from private party January 2013.

The TP63 armwand is missing from the tonearm, which appears to be a TP16mkIII

Apart from the missing wand, the deck appears to be functional. It switches on.  The strobe lights.  The platter spins.

For the time being I will store this unit intact as pictured and wait for two other projects to complete before I examine the insides of this deck.

Meantime, I'd like to collect as many product reviews (from back in the day) for this model as I can find.

Mfr dates: 1977 to -----

We know that Thorens produced a TD126 mk IV well into the 1990's. 

Here is a description of the drive system taken from the owner's manual:

1 step belt drive
DC motor with 72 pole tacho-generator
speeds; 33-1/3, 45, 78 with electronic speed selection

Motor speed control:

Electronic regulation with load-correcting automatic pitch control

Pitch control:

6% illuminated stroboscope

Wow & Flutter:

0.035% per DIN 45.507

Rumble un-weighted: 52 dB per DIN 45.539

Rumble weighted: 72dB per DIN 45.539

The process begins: TD126 early listening