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The Analog Dept.

Web Log 10/10/2007


This is overdue.  A statement of intent for this website.  The site has been like my notebook.  It is an archive device where I record my various observations and impressions about all the things I'm doing within this vinyl playback hobby.  I have found that much of what I have written, illustrated and photographed within these pages has evoked a response from some of those who have read my articles here. Readers have sent emails with opinions, anecdotes and corrections.  This I value highly and encourage those who would linger here to send me your thoughts.  The exchange of ideas provokes learning.  To learn is the intent.


Lp interest outline

Year off Birth: 1951
Started collecting records circa 1964
First --decent-- turntable.  A Thorens TD160C.  Purchased new 1975.
First CD player: A Denon DCD 1500.  Purchased new 1985.
CD collection grows.
Interest in serious listening fades.  Other interests capture my time.

Fast Forward To 1995 - 2000

Re-kindled interest in vinyl Lp playback
The Thorens TD160 had sat on top of the audio rack for years, but now I wanted to understand it and then to improve it.
This was also a time of assessment of the hi-fi system as a whole.  Looking through different eyes, listening through older ears. Components were traded.  Purchases made.  I like integrated amplifiers with ample wattage to drive inefficient speakers of the cones and domes variety. A couple of different amps were tried.  New speakers were purchased.  Then, a final choice of integrated amp.  After that it has been all about source components, which is the primary focus at this site.  Vinyl and the hardware that plays it.

Fall 2000

Moved from the Portland, Oregon area into Seattle/Everett area of Washington State.
Discovered the online forums at Audio Asylum
Used a previous website that I had created for my automotive interests to display some photos of mods made to my Thorens TD160.
Posted photos at various online forums including the Vinyl forum at Audio Asylum.
Received feedback that made me want to continue with further mods to the Thorens and also to continue with a vinyl playback oriented website.

2001 - 2003

Purchased the domain name: The Analog Dept  as http://www.theanalogdept.com
Rented server memory for a dedicated site from a discount web host firm.
Began creating and collecting content.

Fall 2007

and it continues......