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Analog Classifieds 

Welcome to the classifieds section of The Analog Dept.  

For more info on any item or anything at all: email [email protected]

Want Ads:

Wanted: Head Shell for the Shure M232 Tonearm. 

Threads need to be in good shape and not stripped out.  

Below are two photos of the head shell.

example photos: AP_M232HS_1.jpg (219847 bytes) AP_M232HS_2.jpg (254609 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

If you have one please contact Anthony at <[email protected]>

Listening Room Accessories:

Klein Bottles.  Presented specifically for your critical examination

Price: $39.50 each.

Link to info page and how to buy.  LINK

Every listening room should have one...;-) 


Turntable accessories for sale:

For the Thorens TD124; The Asymmetric Hood and Asymmetric Base sold together.

Link to info page and how to buy

For the Thorens TD124; The XL Hood now available

Link to info page and how to buy

For the Thorens TD124; The Asymmetric Hood

Now there are Four Hoods by Ferruccio in Switzerland.

Link to information page

The Hood !

The Hood -- An Acrylic dustcover for the TD124, TD121, TD134 and TD135...

available for sale - ships from Switzerland.  Click on link for more info  LINK

Swiss Precision: 3rd Edition is now available

Link to more info and how to buy


I buy used Thorens, AR, Garrard and Technics SP10 Record players

For more info contact: [email protected]