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The TD124 Dept.

The ESL Tonearm model S1000

circa late 1950's early 1960's.  The beginning of the Stereo era.  

The Thorens TD124 was sold as a "motor unit" only and required the addition of a tonearm and cartridge in order to complete it. The ESL S1000 tonearm was a common choice offered by dealers to their customers in North America.

more info via a product brochure:

S1000 flyer 01.JPG (178918 bytes) S1000 flyer 02.JPG (205177 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view full sized image.

Apparently the arm was designed to operate at 2 grams of vertical tracking force.  Additionally the arm has a dynamic tracking force feature by means of two adjustable spring tensioners that will maintain a set tracking force under all conditions.  Read brochure above for more info.  There is no provision for anti-skate on this tonearm.


DSC_4768.JPG (95040 bytes) DSC_4771.JPG (72663 bytes) DSC_4772.JPG (69472 bytes) DSC_4777.JPG (127545 bytes) DSC_4778.JPG (101787 bytes) DSC_4779.JPG (84828 bytes)

DSC_4784.JPG (81080 bytes) DSC_4785.JPG (82612 bytes)

DSC_4786.JPG (102180 bytes)  The tonearm park stand.

DSC_4783.JPG (64959 bytes) A third party cue lift.


Here is a shot of the tonearm as I found it:

DSC_2508.jpg (123401 bytes)  As can be seen in the photo, the plastic mounting base was cracked/broken.  I repaired this using Devcon epoxy liquid metal.  Then sanded and repainted the housing in flat black.  The repaired piece does not indicate the repair and is as structurally fit as was the original part....which is to say that it is somewhat fragile and should not be over-tightened when mounting to the armboard.

For more info regarding this tonearm contact the: [email protected]