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pack for ship 7888

TD124 sn# 7888

DSC_2399.jpg (223571 bytes)

7888 is for sale as a separate Motor unit fully refurbished and is significantly upgraded.

Available separately is a plinth ready to mount into: DSC_2397.jpg (292825 bytes) link to plinth details

Work this unit has received:


New motor coils have been installed (full power is restored)
The rotor shaft and rotor bushings have been examined and measured for evidence of wear. Then put back into service.
Oil retaining Felts have been replaced.
The thrust bearing pad is replaced with a Torlon 4301 pad
Adjusted, test run, adjusted again for rotor / bushing centering
Result: Platter comes up to speed in less than 2 revolutions

Voltage is set to 100-120.  The 60hz pulley is selected.

   New Coils installation

The 'pop' capacitor at the on/off switch has been replaced with a new capacitor of the correct value.

DSC_2388.jpg (439177 bytes)

Motor mounting:

A Mk 2 double grommet conversion kit has been installed to improve isolation between motor and chassis.

This kit consists of 3 new precision machined higher profile mounting studs. 6 isolation grommets, clips and washers.

This upgrade is significant in that the noise floor is lowered another 10 db.  A difference that can be easily heard.

DSC_2386.jpg (234013 bytes) DSC_2385.jpg (361734 bytes) DSC_2387.jpg (381421 bytes)

The Platter, Bearing and clutch:

The platter is iron and undamaged.  The strobe ring remains bright and un-marred.
The platter bearing has received maintenance and upgrades as noted below. (see "The Bearing:)
The clutch has received new friction material. Clutch mounting points have been cleaned and re-lubed at hinge and slider areas.
The upper platter shell (aluminum) has been straightened and will not rub.
The 45 hub integrated into the upper platter operates per design.
The original rubber platter mat remains supple and free of damage.

The Bearing:

The bearing shaft did not show evidence of wear (measured via micrometer). 
The shaft was micro-pollished with  Crocus Cloth to restore the smoothest possible surface.
New Oilite bushings have been installed into the platter bearing housing.  Bearing action is 'just right'.
The thrust bearing pad has been replaced with a Torlon 4301 thrust pad for longer wear.
The main bearing end cap has been replaced with a heavy Gun Metal Bronze cap.
New, heavy, longer lasting gasket seal is installed.

Photo: The Heavy Gunmetal Bearing End Cap.


See photos

DSC_2391.jpg (207738 bytes) DSC_2392.jpg (240791 bytes) DSC_2393.jpg (225863 bytes)

DSC_2394.jpg (231867 bytes) DSC_2395.jpg (159944 bytes) DSC_2396.jpg (184528 bytes)