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Date: September, 2019

Review Article: The Hood; a dust cover for the Thorens TD124,121,134,135 models

Author: Steve Clarke (webmaster)

Product Description: An acrylic dust cover designed to fit neatly over the Thorens TD124, 121, 134,135 model produced from 1957 to 1967. 

Seller: Ferruccio in Switzerland

email: [email protected]


Review article: The Hood; Part 2

This is a follow-up review to the one I wrote ("The Acrylic Hood")  back in January 2018.  (Link to that article )The Hood is a clear acrylic dustcover made specific to the Thorens TD124 turntable.  (also fits all variants of the TD124 including the TD 121,134,135 models)

Its defining feature is a close fitting perimeter with round corners of a size to visually compliment - and fit closely - to the rounded corners of the Thorens TD124 chassis.  It is close fitting in order to function with vintage-classic base plinths such as the Ortofon ST-104 and many other plinths specific to the TD124 that do not offer much, -if hardly any-, surface area for a dustcover to rest on.   Here I am now looking at its evolutionary replacement; also called "The Hood"

Above photo: The Hood with Cutout, revised version as of 2019

The evolutionary change I refer to is a more efficient production method that eliminates the need for any cutting on the "cutout" version.  I'll explain.

The early version of the Hood -with cutout- was produced first by wrapping the side wall piece completely around the perimeter of the top plate so that its ends came together at a seam centered to the back side of the cover.  Then a cut was made to it to create clearance for longer counterweights on the tonearms that had them.   With the new version the acrylic side wall is produced with a single piece of acrylic in a shorter length and fit so that its wall starts and finishes in the areas clear of the tonearm counterweight parts. 

Here's a shot of that first Hood with cutout: (below)  


Compare this photo from January 2018 to the top photo of the revised version to see the difference.  

Here are a couple more photos of the revised hood.

DSC_2599.jpg (485232 bytes) DSC_2600.jpg (255328 bytes) DSC_2601.jpg (371003 bytes) 

I'm sure there are those who will say why not just make the dustcover larger to clear any and all tonearm counterweights.  And you can. It may be just what is wanted.  But for the classic vintage styles of base plinth for the TD124, such as the Ortofon ST-104 and the oem style plinths that were sold at your Thorens dealer back in the day,  a larger dustcover would not fit on the the top surface of it and therefore not work at all.  The photos included in this article show my TD124 (sn#13943) mounted to a historic plinth of the type that Thorens Dealers offered to their customers.  It came to me with TD124 sn 7888.  Made from 3/4" plywood with a hardwood veneer over its exterior. (a fresh set of mushrooms in use)  This plinth is of the type I speak as well as the Ortofon mentioned above.

Other notes:I offer no disclaimers in this review.  The Analog Dept is affiliated with Ferruccio in the sale of his Hoods, and the site does receive a small commission with each sale when buyers contact Ferruccio from the email address listed -- and say that they learned about the Hood from here.

In the meanwhile I've spent some quality time with the first Hood Ferruccio sent me and have become quite accustomed to handling it as need be and also just looking at it as I come and go throughout the room.  I find it endearing. This new version seems to have a bit more sparkle and beauty under the light.  Lifting the Hood up and off the turntable, then placing it back on is a simple task.  I find that its close fitting side walls allow for an accurate and repeatable fitting that I find reliably safe around my expensive tonearm and cartridges.  I always play my records with the dustcover off the turntable and parked into the shelf just beneath the turntable on my TT stand. The mode is lift off and put back on.  During play, one needs a place to park it safely.  

parked_here.jpg (349761 bytes) left: where I park mine. (hint; click on thumbnail to view image full size.)

There are more reviews coming of at least two more different versions of The Hood.

to purchase email: [email protected] (and tell Ferruccio you read about it here at The Analog Dept)

comments to: < [email protected] >