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Michael Zimon's Garrard 401 in custom plinth with Two Arms

MZ_401_3.jpg (349520 bytes) MZ_401_1.jpg (287562 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size

Mike's Comments:

After I finished my previous project "New life for a 55 year old Thorens TD-124" you can find out about it here: Link

I realized that I really want to make a turntable with two tonearms. Although I had a second Thorens TD-124, it was not suitable for this purpose,

because the cartridge of the second tonearm passed over the Thorens TD-124 magnetic brake magnet. So I decided to use Garrard.

After analyzing the prices on the market, I chose the 401 model, which could not only be bought cheaper than the 301,

but had a number of advantages: a built-in strobe, an improved motor, and a modified external design.

After a short hunt on ebay in England, I was able to buy a Garrard 401 in very good condition and at an affordable price,

so I could start designing a plinth for two tonearms.

I had two tonearms, the first is the legendary SME 3012 MKII and the second is one of the best vintage Japanese tonearms Sony PUA 286.

I decided that the plinth would be made of 8 layers of 16mm birch ply and after a long consideration of the design, the draft on paper was ready.

Now it was necessary to transfer it to a computer program understandable by the CNC machine.

My old friend Igor helped me transfer my draft into machine language, and now I only had to find a workshop to do the work.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed my plans somewhat and delayed the completion of the project by half a year.

But even this delay was not in vain. During this time, I have prepared all the necessary parts and materials.

In September I found a workshop with the necessary СNC machines and on 24.09 the work was finished.

So I had everything I needed for my new project and I immediately got to work.

All the work took two weeks and I can report the successful completion of the project.


Plinth builds are from 8 layers of 16mm birch ply
Сut on CNC machine
Сovered with walnut veneer and oil-based varnish
Specially made two-layer leg-insulators
Plinth Dimensions (W x H x D) 655x130x490 mm
Plinth Weight with the legs is 25kg
The tonearm arm boards made of 10 mm thick aluminum alloy.
Motor and bearing restored.
First tonearm is SME 3012 MKII with Ortofon MC-30 Super cartridge.
Second tonearm is Sony PUA 286 with Supex 900 Super cartridge.
All the work was done by me at home.

Thank you,



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