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Checking the Iron platter of the TD124 for magnetic attraction to various MC and MM cartridges.

Denon DL-103R

In this instance the Denon cartridge has been re-mounted into a Uwe Panzerholz wood body.  This will have no effect.

DSC_0549.jpg (155472 bytes)  The Micro-Tech vtf gage sitting over the platter mat. The short platform on the side is designed to take the weight of the stylus. This design approximates record level while measuring the downward force of the stylus.

DSC_0550.jpg (218489 bytes) Reading taken away from the iron platter underneath. Downforce measures 1.8 grams.

DSC_0551.jpg (245280 bytes) Reading taken directly over the iron platter underneath. Downforce measures 2.3 grams.

These measurements indicates a magnetic pull of .5grams between the iron flywheel beneath and the DL-103R above. The solution is to make your vtf settings with the cartridge and scale positioned above the iron flywheel.  This setting will remain constant during record play.