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From Ferruccio:

Custom Made Dustcover - Display for McIntosh Amplifier MC275, 240 and 225

Please Note: sale is for dustcover only

10275_2_edits.jpg (578955 bytes) 10275_edits.jpg (380847 bytes) McIntosh_275_2_edits.jpg (326445 bytes) McIntosh_275_edits.jpg (400605 bytes) (hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size)

Next three photos show package design

McIntosh_275_hood_boxing_3.jpg (364805 bytes) McIntosh_275_hood_boxing_2.jpg (234241 bytes) McIntosh_275_hood_boxing_1.jpg (346252 bytes)

The perfectly and professionally assembled 4mm pmma thick cover's main function is to protect the amplifier and tubes while giving visual access to your McIntosh.

Made in Switzerland.

Note: When amplifier is switched on, the cover has to be removed (same as with the black cage) and can be replaced as soon as the amplifier is turned off.  The cooling process is assisted by ventilation openings within the cover.

Price: $295.00 usd plus ship ($68.00)  ships from Switzerland.

To purchase, make email contact with Ferruccio at: [email protected]  Be certain to mention that you read about this offer here at The Analog Dept. 

end ad.