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Perpetuum Ebner

Szymon Szaniawski's PE Studio 33

PE_33stud_02.jpg (175645 bytes) PE_33stud_03.jpg (237115 bytes) PE_33stud_04.jpg (272152 bytes)

PE_33 build_1.jpg (194284 bytes)

Simon's comments:

"Perpetum Ebner Studio 33

Manufactured in St Georgen, Deutschland in the years 1963-1970.

Belt- rim drive turntable, cast aluminium chassis, platter ca2kg, 4 speed selector.

In the year of entry sold for 335DEM, body only, without plinth and cartridge. PE recommended own cartridge under name PE9000/2 actually it was a B&O SP1 for additional costs of 43DEM or Shure M44-7/MA for 93DEM and phono preamp PE TV204 for 68DEM. There was a plinth in walnut offered for 56DEM or luxury version with acrylic cover for 98DEM. Perpetuum Ebner Pe Studio33 is considered top of the line of all PE turntable, by some positioned against Thorens TD124 which is mistake and should be compared to TD135 as both are equipped with own dedicated tone arm while TD124 is not.

The PE company was by the year 1957 the biggest European turntable and changer manufacturer employing 1500 workers in the St. Georgen plant in Schwarzwald. The most famous turntable of Perpetum Ebner was PE5V owned by Elvis Presley bought during his military service in Deutschland. Later on the PE company was bought by DUAL and the name vanished until now when two modern expensive model PE800 and PE1000 are offered but belt drive only."