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page updated 8/22/2020

R7.1a Project

 This is a further re-think of the R7.1.


Dream time.....


The detail changes:

  1. As before the core machine is from a donor Thorens TD150.  Mk1 or mkII.
  2. Spring suspension is retained but with fittings for adding weights next to each spring mount.  This allows ballast loading adjustments until each spring carries the same load as the other.
  3. Plinth: a composite of (1-1/2 inch thick) Cherry hardwood and Baltic Birch ply with mitered corners.  Finish to compliment the Cherry.
  4. Motors and motor controllers.  There are options to explore.
  5. Tonearm choices.  Think about what cartridges we want to use on this project.  The tonearm must be mass-matched to the  compliance of the cartridge.
  6. Will it be an Lp12 competitor / killer?  Why not.  Let's not limit ourselves.  We have the tech.  We can build it.  ( wait, wasn't that a line from an old 70's tv series...;^) )

DSC_3876dark.jpg (396936 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size

DSC_3873 ruler shot.jpg (332913 bytes) ruler shot.

DSC_3878dark.jpg (457314 bytes)

DSC_3881.jpg (384975 bytes) Port brkts in place. (unfinished)

DSC_3889.jpg (381548 bytes)




The R7.1A plinth; We have the first build in-house!  Here are some receiving photos.

DSC_3847.jpg (380216 bytes) DSC_3848.jpg (268894 bytes) DSC_3850.jpg (491215 bytes) DSC_3851.jpg (533548 bytes)

DSC_3852.jpg (504688 bytes) DSC_3853.jpg (287795 bytes) DSC_3854.jpg (342182 bytes) DSC_3854knot_detail.jpg (350436 bytes)

DSC_3855.jpg (400655 bytes) DSC_3856.jpg (409959 bytes) DSC_3857.jpg (548366 bytes) DSC_3858.jpg (405062 bytes)

This plinth build is composed of two different wood types.  Primary: solid Cherry hardwood 1-1/2 inch thick all around.  Secondary: Baltic Birch 12mm thick for the inside liner and the bottom plate.

In addition to becoming part of my private collection, this design will become a product on offer here at The Analog Dept.  I can sell as plinth only, or I can produce a completed TD150 using parts supplied by the buyer.  More info to come.