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Raymond Pics 2020

January 2020

DSC_3172.jpg (508242 bytes) 1/10/2020  High water on the Willapa River.   This river is a tidewater.  Water quality is described as 'brackish'.  Partly salt-water.  Ironically, the town of Raymond, Wa. gets its drinking water from it by means of a filtering station.  Coming out of the faucet, the water appears cloudy.  Safe to drink says the city council.  So far I've been drinking this tap-water for the past 2 and 1/2 years as have all the citizens of this remote little town. With regards to the property in this photo, it sees the river water up to its doorstep every year during winter months. I have yet to see the home itself become flooded.

DSC_3168.jpg (275219 bytes) 1/10/2020  The downriver shot from taken from my balcony.  I record this shot at different times of the year to mark how the view changes with seasons, weather and river flood waters.

DSC_3252.jpg (588118 bytes) 1/ 14/2020  First snowfall this winter. Temperature = low 30's. (F)

DSC_3305.jpg (497536 bytes) 1/14/2020  Looking downriver on this snowy day

DSC_3324.jpg (176304 bytes) 1/14/2020 The downriver shot again at sunset.  Snowfall had momentarily ceased. Notice the river water level.  This level is determined by ocean tides as well as storms coming in from the Pacific. 

DSC_3329.jpg (277734 bytes) 1/21/2020.  Another high water day as viewed from my balcony.

DSC_3334.jpg (405732 bytes) 1/23/2020.  More high water today.  Dense rainfall combined with wind gusts up to 14 mph.  A good day to stay inside.

It's now spring and I haven't made any additions since January 23.

DSC_3565_edits.jpg (380193 bytes) 5/21/2020 Wierd Day. Rain.  Hail.  Sun breaks out. then the sun goes down over the hill behind the trees and in front of the clouds.