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Raymond Pics 2020

January 2020

DSC_3172.jpg (508242 bytes) 1/10/2020  High water on the Willapa River.   This river is a tidewater.  Water quality is described as 'brackish'.  Partly salt-water.  Ironically, the town of Raymond, Wa. gets its drinking water from it by means of a filtering station.  Coming out of the faucet, the water appears cloudy.  Safe to drink says the city council.  So far I've been drinking this tap-water for the past 2 and 1/2 years as have all the citizens of this remote little town. With regards to the property in this photo, it sees the river water up to its doorstep every year during winter months. I have yet to see the home itself become flooded.

DSC_3168.jpg (275219 bytes) 1/10/2020  The downriver shot from taken from my balcony.  I record this shot at different times of the year to mark how the view changes with seasons, weather and river flood waters.

DSC_3252.jpg (588118 bytes) 1/ 14/2020  First snowfall this winter. Temperature = low 30's. (F)

DSC_3305.jpg (497536 bytes) 1/14/2020  Looking downriver on this snowy day

DSC_3324.jpg (176304 bytes) 1/14/2020 The downriver shot again at sunset.  Snowfall had momentarily ceased. Notice the river water level.  This level is determined by ocean tides as well as storms coming in from the Pacific. 

DSC_3329.jpg (277734 bytes) 1/21/2020.  Another high water day as viewed from my balcony.

DSC_3334.jpg (405732 bytes) 1/23/2020.  More high water today.  Dense rainfall combined with wind gusts up to 14 mph.  A good day to stay inside.

It's now spring and I haven't made any additions since January 23.

DSC_3565_edits.jpg (380193 bytes) 5/21/2020  Wierd Day. Rain.  Hail.  Sun breaks out. then the sun goes down over the hill behind the trees and in front of the clouds.

Summer passes through.  June and most of July were wet and cool, then, mid July,  all of a sudden it feels like summer with temps in the 80's (F) and lots of sun.

blackberries_1.jpg (550003 bytes) 8/2/2020  The Blackberry bushes bordering the property are seemingly impenetrable.  For those willing to brave the thorns, this is the time to harvest the berries.  Numerous scratches and tears in my epidermis serve as dues paid for taking the (otherwise free) berries.   Once the scars heal and the memory of the pain fades the taste of these sweet and tart berries serve as reward.


DSC_3882.jpg (485824 bytes) Sept. 3, 2020 DSC_3885.jpg (391232 bytes)

9/3/2020 was warm for this area. About 88F. When the sun had dropped down below the hill, I snapped these two shots.  Hand held. iso 400 using my Nikon D7000.

DSC_3949filtered.jpg (164433 bytes) Sept. 10, 2020  Afternoon.  Old Sol burns a hole through the smoky air.  Wild fires from afar fog our town.   Taste-smell of burning brush and timber.

DSC_3948edits.jpg (256406 bytes) Sept. 10, 2020 Afternoon. Like above but looking down river.

DSC_4031.jpg (505562 bytes) Sept. 12, 2020  Afternoon by the North fork bridge on the Willapa.  This area is still blanketed in smoke from wildfires happening around the Pacific North West.

DSC_4033.jpg (377999 bytes) 9/12/2020 wildflower

DSC_4034.jpg (386841 bytes) 9/12/2020 getting under the bridge.

DSC_4038.jpg (307217 bytes) 9/12/2020looking down the length of it, under the bridge. Left Side.

DSC_4041.jpg (303752 bytes) 9/12/2020 Smoky atmosphere over Riverdale, Wa.  On the other side of hwy 101, my neighborhood.

DSC_4049.jpg (232672 bytes) 9/12/2020

DSC_4054.jpg (416253 bytes) 9/12/2020 On the bridge

DSC_4078.jpg (266706 bytes) 9/12/2020 On the bridge

DSC_4086.jpg (214829 bytes) 9/12/2020 from the bridge looking east

DSC_4088condemned flop house.jpg (712837 bytes) 9/12/2020 condemned house in background. It's being used as a flop house for itinerants passing through mostly on foot wearing backpacks.  The cops watch it closely.

9/12/2020 Night Shots

DSC_4184t_lites.jpg (288964 bytes) DSC_4185t_lites.jpg (207435 bytes) DSC_4202t_lites.jpg (221689 bytes)

DSC_4205t_lites.jpg (295165 bytes) DSC_4206t_lites.jpg (294395 bytes) DSC_4207t_lites.jpg (267679 bytes)

DSC_4211t_lites.jpg (239654 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

cycle_dude.jpg (222276 bytes) 9/12/2020 

DSC_4088crop.jpg (796785 bytes) again

DSC_4268.jpg (138045 bytes) 9/13/2020 more smoky atmosphere

DSC_4247.jpg (210923 bytes) 9/13/2020

DSC_4245.jpg (131973 bytes) 9/13/2020

DSC_4340.jpg (813873 bytes) 9/13/2020 


DSC_4399.jpg (389148 bytes) 9/14/2020  More Smoky Air.  Under the bridge, left side.

DSC_4403.jpg (561204 bytes) 9/14/2020 Same bridge, right side.

DSC_4412.jpg (470028 bytes) 9/14/2020

October 2020

DSC_4523nocrop.jpg (338305 bytes) 10/01/2020  Sunset. Smoggy air from Northern California wild fires.  Looking down river from balcony.

DSC_4476crop.jpg (468496 bytes) 10/01/2020 Sunset looking toward hwy 101.

DSC_4697.jpg (828235 bytes) 10/27/2020 Afternoon on the bridge looking at the saw mill.  Weyerhauser.  They make studs in there.  The timber comes from around these hills.

DSC_4707.jpg (496371 bytes) 10/27/2020  Afternoon on the bridge looking east. Sunny day.  I might have used a polarizer.  If there's another like this day, I'll use it.

Raymond_pics_00357.jpg (334621 bytes) 10/29/2020  Bike ride photo: Raymond, Washington.  Camera: Nokia Lumia 735 smart phone

Raymond_pics_00356.jpg (349448 bytes) 10/29/2020 Bike ride photo: Raymond, Washington.  Camera: Nokia Lumia 735 smart phone

DSC_4744crop_1.jpg (461618 bytes) 11/04/2020  Rainy and windy. About 15 minutes before dark.  NIkon. From the balcony.  Across the street.