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Szymon Szaniawski's Thorens TD160

SS_TD16x_4.jpg (347931 bytes) hint: click thumbnail to view image full size.

SS_TD16x_2.jpg (260345 bytes) SS_TD16x_1.jpg (231160 bytes)

TD160 with TP11* tone arm.
Custom plinth -- Large.  With American Maple veneer.  
Custom dust cover with a very robust hinge design.
Note: custom rca output plate at back side
Note: speakers seen in top photo are Braun L620

Szymon's comments:

"Hi Steve, some photos of my Thorens TD160 in custom plinth, big one, with custom acrylic cover and the nicest hinges I have ever seen, veneer American maple.  LP in the back the best trumpet suite by Hugh Masekela Coal Train time 17:36 recorded live in New York very much different from original version from Hope LP.. Brgds Szymon"



* No explanation as to how a TP11 arm found its way onto a TD160, which used the TP16 tone arm.  Normally the TP11 would have been fitted to the TD165 in that time period.  However, both the TP16 and TP11 arms are interchangeable on either chassis.