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TD 124 belts

This page collects and presents information regarding the drive belt used on the Thorens TD124 and the various replacement belts that I have acquired.

td124logo length.jpg (372486 bytes) An oem Thorens drive belt for the TD124 available through the Thorens dealer network as of 2011 

In the above photo belt length is shown being measured on a Thorens logo belt after having been in use for a 1 year period.

After 1 year, drive and driven pulleys were cleaned after use and it was noted that there was an extraordinary accumulation of belt shedding debris.  Then again, after cleaning of both pulleys, and the belt, and then put back into use for 1 week.  The oem Thorens belt (with Thorens logo) again shed its material excessively onto the pulleys while in use.

After a period of 1 year's use, the TD124 exhibited a slight amount of speed inconsistency (un-steady strobe) and some unusual drive train noise.  It was determined, after a maintenance session, that the symptoms were corrected by cleaning belt pulleys of an excessive built-up of belt rubber accumulation.  The noise was eliminated as well.


A replacement belt available through Schopper in Switzerland

This one was purchased through Octave Audio in Pennsylvania 1/2012, installed and run in for a week.

DSC_6147.jpg (255829 bytes) Schopper belt on the TD124 after 1 week in use

DSC_6148.jpg (240483 bytes) Schopper belt removed, now cleaning drive pulley with alcohol-soaked Q-tip

DSC_6149.jpg (233323 bytes) Q-tip examined for evidence of belt shedding

DSC_6150.jpg (232940 bytes) Again after having cleaned both pulley surfaces.

DSC_6151.jpg (260631 bytes) Measuring belt length after 1 week in use.

DSC_6152.jpg (336201 bytes) A close-up of the contact side of belt after 1 week in use.