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The Thorens Gallery

This is a photo gallery of Thorens turntables in use from around the world.   

Indexed by model number, starting with the TD124 in 1957.  

An open invitation: 

If you have a Thorens turntable that is either; a) not already featured here, or  b) is of exceptional condition, or c)  is collectible no matter what condition please see this image upload faq link for submissions into the Thorens Gallery.

mailto:< [email protected] >


In chronological order:

TD111, 121, 124,134,184,135 & 224: the idler drive models.  

Pat OMalley's TD111 (USA)

Dave Archambault's TD111 (USA)

JB_TD121_1.jpg (175153 bytes) Joachim Bung's TD121 (Ger)

Robert Chamber's TD121 (USA)

Niels Masselink's TD121 (NL)

TB_TD124_1.jpg (154518 bytes) Tom Bagshaw's TD124 (USA)

Beatlebum's TD124 (USA)

Tonni's TD124 (Denmark)

Carlo's TD124 (Germany)

user510's TD124 (USA)

GD_td124_1.jpg (83915 bytes) Gary Dahl's TD124 (USA)

TonyD_td124_kuzma arm.jpg (196624 bytes) Tony Devitt's TD124 (NZ)

dd124graham.jpeg (311726 bytes) Dan Donovan's TD124 (USA)

Eugenio's TD124 (Italy)

Ferruccio's TD124 (Switzerland)

Jerry Giesting's TD124 (USA)

GS_3187_1.jpg (182737 bytes) Gridslayer's TD124 (USA)

Guido's TD124 (Belgium)

KH_124-1.jpg (213587 bytes) Klaus Hassler's TD124 (Germany)

Neil Hollow (Ireland)

Ed Johnson's TD124 (USA)

Tom Jung's TD124  (Switzerland)

KKs124 (UK)

Monoment Vintage Turntables (Germany)

PD_75R8509.jpg (111827 bytes) Pigdog's TD124 MK1 with Clearaudio TQ1 2000 tonearm

M_Zimon's TD124 (Israel)

TA_td124-3_rs.jpg (351417 bytes) Terry Alford's TD124 mkII (USA)

John Hamm's TD124 MKII (USA)

John Kritikos's TD124 (Canada)

Tum's  TD124 (Thailand)

Dmitry Tektonidi's TD124 MKII with custom plinth (Israel)

td124 badly hacked 

Burt von Boltons' TD124 Mk II (Sweden)

Chris Bingham's TD124 MKII (Northern Ireland)

SB_947.jpg (179522 bytes) Sean Brown's TD124 MKII (UK)

JB_TD124IIKopie.jpg (101233 bytes) Joachim Bung's TD124 MKII (Ger)

Peter Flemings TD124 MKII (Australia)

DH_89989_1.jpg (153028 bytes) Derek Hall's TD124 MKII (UK)

H_Jullien's TD124 MKII (NL)

Stein Leikanger's TD124 MKII/Beogram 3000 (Norway)

IMG_4321sa.jpg (169609 bytes) ken mccarty's TD124 mkII (USA)

WL_124 mkII.jpg (303083 bytes)Wolfgang Loos' TD124 mkII (Germany)

Paul Woodger's TD124 mkII ( Scotland )

pitak_124_red_1.jpg (292829 bytes)  Pitak's TD124 MkII (Thailand)

M_Prendergast's TD124 (USA)

a psychedelic TD124 MKII found in NYC (USA)

img0054ys7.jpg (81784 bytes)Abe Revilla's TD124 mkII (USA)

124_speed_web.jpg (36533 bytes)Serge's collection of Thorens tables (Switzerland)

Allan Songer's TD124 (USA)

ST_TD124Mk2_01.JPG (97378 bytes) Shinji T's TD124 mkII (Japan)

Manfred Weibel's TD124 mkII  (Austria)

Gert_Sorensen's TD126-III and TD124-II (Denmark)

THORENS  RAPSODY 005.jpg (34801 bytes) Wayne Steven's "Thorens Rhapsody" (USA)

JVtd124II.JPG (123358 bytes)Jean Veys TD124 Mk II (Belgium)

Dave Walkup's TD124 MKII (UK)

TD 134 - TD184 -TD135

Alex Nepomiashiy's Thorens TD134 (BG)

SK_TD135II_7.jpg (65946 bytes) Samy Kheloufi's Thorens TD135 (France)

Paul Woodger's TD135 (Scotland)

4183221583-2468951.jpg (31968 bytes) FGuerin's TD 135 mk1 (France)

TD 224

tdw224_1.jpg (56459 bytes)Peters TDW224 (USA)  A unique and very cool record changer that goes to extremes in order to maintain correct vta.

GG_TD224_1.jpg (294343 bytes) gadget-guys TD224 (USA) 


Thorens Prototype machines:

A Reel to Reel tape recorder from the time of TD124 development:

Thorens R2Rproto_8.jpg (203520 bytes) Link to page for 9 photos and the story.


TD150 MK 1 and MK 2 The first belt drive model Thorens 

Bill Agee's TD150 AB (USA)

Sture Andreasson's TD150 A (mk 1) (Sweden)

SA_TD150.jpg (162956 bytes) Silvio Anfossi's TD150 (Italy)

 Bobbo the Soundnut rescues a TD150 (USA)

 Curt_Bostrom (Sweden)

 Jon Bridgman's TD150 (USA)

Keith Burrow's TD150A  upgraded by Inspire Hi-Fi ( UK )

 Cham's TD150 with mods (Singapore)

PF TD150_3.jpg (325375 bytes) Peter F....... Thorens TD150 mkII (Australia)

KH_TD150-1.jpg (343019 bytes) Klaus Hassler's "slate TD150" (Germany)

Keith Holland's 'custom' TD150 mk1 (UK)

 Per Karlsson's TD150 (Sweden)

 Colin Martin's TD150 with Ladegaard air bearing linear tracking tonearm (UK)

Ronald_Knowlen's TD150MkII (USA)

 John Koning's TD150 (NL)

JL_TD150mkII_1.jpg (308578 bytes) Julian Lee's TD150 mkII  (UK)

James O'Donnell's TD150 MKII (USA)

Steve Oxley's TD150 (UK)

Nick Panayiotou's TD150 mkII (UK)

t4web.jpg (77692 bytes) Dave Roberts' TD150 MK II (United Kingdom)

 Par's TD150 (Sweden)

 B_Price's TD150 Mk II (USA)

Monty Sexton's TD150 (USA)

Shinji T's TD150 modified (Japan)

John Simpson's TD150 MK II (UK)

Rudy Tan's TD150 mkII (NL)

tp60tp13_1.JPG (17992 bytes) Here's a NO-NO


TD125 mk 1 & mk 2: The 2nd Thorens belt drive.  A higher priced  model above the TD150  with electronic pitch control

Terry Alford's TD125 (USA)

JBH125_2.JPG (126916 bytes) JH's TD125 (Canada)

 2Channelman's TD125 (Canada)

DATD125II_1.JPG (113877 bytes) D_Ashton's TD125 mkII (Australia)

BB0075.jpg (140749 bytes)Beatlebum's TD125 (USA)

Steve Oxley's TD125 (UK)

 Xico's TD125 (Brazil)

NHtd125mkII.JPG (74734 bytes) Neil Hollow's TD125 mkII with custom plinth (Ireland)

 Marco Sandrin's "custom" TD125 (Italy)

 Bushman's collection of Thorens tables (South Africa) All are very custom.

 Gian Luca Marchetti, TD125 MK I with Rabco linear tracking tonearm. (Italy)

 Percy Mistrys' TD125 (USA)

KH_TD125.jpg (289363 bytes)  Klaus Hassler's TD125 in slate (Germany)

 AKA_Munkie_NL, a stable of Thorens (Holland)

DO125II_1.jpg (104348 bytes) Doug Olsen's TD125 with custom plinth (USA)

Alex Pointl's TD125 with custom plinth (Holland)

SA_TD125II.jpg (158753 bytes) Silvio Anfossi's TD125 (Italy)

rjs_TD125_1.jpg (243668 bytes)RJShyu's TD125 (Taiwan)

RM125II_1.jpg (75924 bytes) Robert Mudge's TD125 MKII (Canada)

Ed Smith's custom TD125 MKII (USA)

Jorge Madeira's custom TD125 MKII (Portugal)

 MC_Chia's TD125 mk2 (Malaysia)

 Darkstar's TD125 Mk II/SME (USA)

J_Ellemore's TD125 MkII (UK)

Rene_F..TD125 Mk II (Germany)

John Lewington's TD125 Mk II (USA)

MKII_web3.jpg (46674 bytes) Gordy's TD125 MKII (USA)

 David I Ramsey  TD125 MKII with SME 309 (USA)


 Jeff Starr's TD125 MK II (USA)

Volker's TD125 MKII (Germany)

BWtd125mkII_3.JPG (83149 bytes) Bill Way's TD125 mkII (USA)  with custom plinth by Jim Campbell



TD125 LB:  the LB designation means "long base" .  This model was designed to include the longer 12 inch tonearms. This long base model is capable of playing back 16 inch diameter transcription disks...which makes it a true transcription turntable.

 RonWill's TD125-LB (Singapore) This is a restoration article.

125LBSPU.jpg (63769 bytes)  Holger's collection (Germany)  An impressive collection of many different Thorens tables including TD124 models and the pictured TD125 LB Mk II.

Chris Nelson's TD125-LB

26a.jpg (224482 bytes)Artur Santos' TD125-LB (Portugal)

IMG_0899_tad edits.jpg (334316 bytes) Richard Weast's TD125-LB (USA)

Russian-made turntables that resemble the Thorens TD125


Willy's Elektronika B1-01


various 45 adapters found on different models of Thorens

3 adapters_1.jpg (151396 bytes) top side

3 adapters_2.jpg (187846 bytes) bottom side

These are from TD150/TD160 models.  The far right adapter in both photos is from a TD150 mkII.  Note the strobe ring to check 45 rpm speed.

45adapt_1.jpg (81887 bytes) another Thorens 45 adapter ring with strobe.  This photo sent by Jason Kelly.


Thorens in the movies:

Hunts Thorens_movie_ Rush 2013.jpg (161012 bytes) Screenshot from the movie; Rush (2013.  James Hunts' Thorens



The Thorens TD160 and its less expensive little brother, the TD165.

Successor to the TD150

DSC_5576.jpg (217955 bytes) The TP16 (mk1 tonearm) was standard equipment on the TD160C, TD125 mkII and the TD145  click link to see detail photos of a dissected TP16.

td160-2.jpg (110266 bytes) Terry Alford's TD160 in a custom plinth (USA)

TD160 1.jpg (133669 bytes) Ron Hesse's TD160(Netherlands)

 Carbonman's old TD160 MKII (Canada)

 Antonio_Diaz's TD160B (Spain)

 Jim Blackburn's custom TD160 (USA)

IMG271_a.jpg (346976 bytes) TD 160 White edition (NL)

 Colin Clarke's TD160B (UK)

 Mark Feldshers' TD160 (Israel)

PF TD160B.jpg (361233 bytes) Peter F...... Thorens TD160 B (Australia)

Thomas Kamvoussioras's TD160 Mk II with Vacuum platter mat (Greece)

MO140.JPG (124356 bytes) Marcelo Olza's TD160 mkII -- customized-- (Spain)

 Rolf_Kelch modify's his old TD160 MKII (Germany)

 Werner Ogier's TD160  (Belgium)

DOTD160_002.jpg (120721 bytes) Doug Olsen's very custom TD160 (USA)

 Guy_Pallister's TD165 (USA)

JS160top.jpg (105057 bytes) Joel Scilley's TD160 in Custom Plinth (USA)

DSC00036.jpeg (75701 bytes) Guy St. Pierre's "very" custom TD160  (Canada)

 Shaun Smith's TD160 (United Kingdom) with custom stainless steel surround.

Bill Summers' TD160 and TD166 (UK)

BT_TD160mkII_12.jpg (264641 bytes) Bob TIBBITTS' Td160 mkII BC (UK)

 user510's TD160 (USA)

Jeff Vitale's TD160 (USA)


Simon_Wilson's TD160 (UK)

cf160_4w.jpg (130035 bytes)Chris Foden's TD160 (UK)

160mdl_1bweb.jpg (71796 bytes) A 'Virtual' TD160  (USA)

OK, so what is different and what is the same between the TD160 and its little brother, the TD165..?  Details, mainly.  The 3-spring suspended layout is the same.  The floating chassis forms a rigid platform for both the platter bearing and tonearm on both of these tables.  Indeed, it is the same stamped plate.  The cabinetry is identical and much of the tonearm is the same, but there are also differences.  The platter bearing for the TD165 houses a 7mm spindle rather than the 10mm spindle shaft of its larger sibling.  The inner driven platter for the TD165 is die cast resin (aka plastic) rather than the cast zinc metal of its brother.  The tonearms differ in the anti-skate devices used.  The TD165 used what was known as the TP11 tonearm.  Essentially the same gimbal pivot design as the TP16, used by the TD160, but with a weight-on-a-string design to counteract the skating forces that all pivoting tonearms must deal with.  The TP16 of the TD160 used, by comparison a pair of opposing magnets, one fixed, the other adjustable for position in location about a metal ring.  Adjust the one magnet closer to the ring and anti-skating bias was increased.  Who is to say which of the two arms was actually better..?  However the TP16 was sold as the superior unit.  

Which is actually the better sounding table..?  In truth they are close but with slight variations in overall tonal signature.

The Thorens TD160 Super

Analogfan's TD160 Super (USA)

LD015.jpg (203331 bytes) Luca_D's TD160 Super (Canada)

 Brian Kearn's TD160 Super (Ireland)

 Patrick_Ng, TD160Super (Singapore)

Artur Santos, TD160 Super (Portugal)

henk160s002.jpg (106496 bytes) Henk plinthed TD160 super (Uk)

What about the 'Super' designation....why is it so super..?  Here's a little story.

The story begins with a UK Thorens distributor called Metrosound, and later to be known as Cambrasound.  Metrosound was the kind of company that listened to its customers comments.  When they began hearing numerous comments from TD160 owners who claimed to have modified and indeed improved the sound of their samples,  Metrosound decided to investigate on their own.  They set service manager Charles Trayhorn on a mission of producing a modified TD160 in an effort to persuade the manufacturer, Thorens,  to produce such a version. 

 What Trayhorn built used a different mat, used no foam damping in the springs, and the undersides of the motorboard and sub-chassis were damped with bituminous felt.  The plastic TD160 armboard was replaced with a high density version and left blank to incorporate many different tonearms apart from the standard Thorens TP16.  The standard cabinetry surround was replaced with a larger, more solid one and the plastic dustcover hinges were replaced with metal ones and the top trim facia received a slightly different paint scheme. This is essentially what Thorens themselves built, dubbing it the TD160 Super. The factory TD160 Supers were all based on the TD160 mkII model.

Typically, the TD160 Super came without tonearm so that the customer could choose his/her favorite arm and allow the dealer to drill the armboard to fit.  Metrosound/Cambrasound was just such a company that could do this.  The TD160 Super sold in limited quantities and always cost significantly more than its standard TD160 MkII brother.  Even without a tonearm.


GDTD160SMkIV.jpg (48363 bytes)Gordon Dyer's TD160S Mk IV (UK)

RIMG1134_edits.jpg (317820 bytes) Jake Jacob's TD160S Mk V (UK)

DS160SV18.jpg (80844 bytes) Dirk van der Sloot's TD160S Mk V (Holland)

The TD160S, like the Mk IV and MkV versions are actually successors to the TD147 which came equipped with the TP16 mk IV and TP90 tonearms respectively. The Mk V is from 1988 to approximately1991. These models, like the TD145, 146 and 147 featured auto-lift and shut-off operations.  Like the TD147 they feature a more solid cabinet.  The TD160S should not be confused with the earlier and more specialized TD160 Super. 


The Thorens TD145, the design of the TD160 but with the added complexity of auto-stop with arm-lift.

RETD145.jpg (43240 bytes)Rolf Eriksson's TD145 MkII (Sweden)

Ivan's TD145 (Croatia)

TD145 anon (Canada) inside the box photos show the mechanisms.

 Allan Spivak's TD145 MK II with Mission arm (Canada)

TD166: Successor to the TD165

GB_TD166V_1.jpg (327731 bytes) Gerwyn Bowen's TD166 mkV (Wales, UK)

Tito Dasgupta's TD166 mkII (India)

Galacticka's TD166 mkII (France)

Euvrard, Jerome's TD166 MK II (France)

Stefan_Ludke's TD166 with custom plinth (Germany)

Img_1166s.jpg (85357 bytes)Phil_M's TD166 MK VI  (UK) This unit (mk VI) was sold by Thorens up into the late 1990s.

Napoleon's custom TD166 (Canada)

Jim Nicholl's custom TD166 (USA)

FV_166_1.jpg (49449 bytes) Frank Veldkamp's TD166 with custom surround (Australia)

FD166mkII_b.jpg (81574 bytes) Frank Domenici's TD166 mk II (USA)

Gary McGee's TD166 mk II (USA)

Martin Krauhs' TD166 mkV (Austria)


TD146: semi-auto version of TD166

JG_TD146-01.jpg (61188 bytes) Juergen Gammer's TD146 (Germany)

AS_TD146.JPG (149885 bytes) Adrian Schmidtke's TD146 (Germany)

Dirk van der Sloot's TD146 mkVI (Holland)

TD147: Successor to the TD145

RVtd147_2.jpg (42231 bytes)  Robert Veenema (Netherlands)

Thorens TD 147 Jubilee 005.jpg (58568 bytes) Chris Burmajster's TD147 Jubilee (UK)

Scott Sigman's TD147 Jubilee (USA)

TD147 Jubilee JH (Canada)

TD104,TD105, TD110, TD115 (circa 1978) (a plastic TD125..?......evolved)

Jason Kelly's TD105 mkII  (USA)

Philippe Kindt's Thorens TD104 (Belgium)


TD126 MK 1, 2, 3 and 4.  Successor to the TD125 

George Barros's TD126 MK II (USA)

RM126mkiii_071.jpg (82048 bytes)Reynaldo Mendez's TD126 MK III (Venezuela)

Boban Nikolic's TD126 mk III with tweaks (?)

Carbonman's TD126 MKIII (Canada)

Don Hopkins TD126 III / SME (USA)

Peter_Mueller's TD126 III Centennial edition with SME (Germany)

Eric Landry's TD126 II (Canada)

Yaxkin Restrepo's TD126 Mk II (Mexico)

 Erwin Rast-Schulz's TD126 MK III Centennial  (Germany)


TD127: a TD126 with a long base plinth to mount a 12 inch tonearm.

TC_127.jpg (89637 bytes) Tom C's TD127 (China)

TD226: a special TD126 that accomodates two (2) tonearms.

RC226.jpg (60757 bytes) Richard Cheong's TD226 (Hong Kong)

RKauto226 6.jpg (50985 bytes)  Rolf_Kelch's TD226 incorporates autolift function to SME tonearms (Germany)  Very custom.

TD110 and TD115

FM_td115_4.jpg (231691 bytes) Felipe Maceda's Thorens TD115 (USA)


The Thorens Reference: The factory turns their designers loose to build a 'cost no object' best sounding turntable.  

JL_ref.JPG (248409 bytes)Jürgen Loos' Thorens Reference (Switzerland)

HOK_2323-1.jpg (304260 bytes) Pham Thanh Cuong (Viet Nam)

Bruno  (France)

 Thorens Reference (unknown)

Thorens Reference 1, (SN# 22) Rolf restores a customer's table

thorref_34_1.jpg (77447 bytes) Thorens Reference (SN#34)ref34_11.jpg (200268 bytes)

 Found in a NY garage.  Now resurrected and ready.

Mr. Gabriel's Rolf Kelch Reference II (Austria)

Rolf_Kelch designs and  builds the Rolf Kelch Reference II (Germany)

Rolf_Kelch_Reference_II_Build_No3 (Germany)

 Comparing the Reference I to the Reference II



Thorens Prestige: After making the limited edition Reference, Thorens offers this flagship model

Francisco_Garcia's Thorens Prestige (Spain)

dtprestige_2.jpg (221789 bytes)Dani Triode's Thorens Prestige (spain)

ptc prestige_1.JPG (190247 bytes)Pham Thanh Cuong's Prestige (Vietnam)

Thorens Prestige restoration project (Germany)

This forlorn Prestige test mule is found abandoned deep within an old German Turntable factory.  Watch it transform into full glory.


The TD321, 320, 318, 316 and Phantasie

 Tom Jung's TD-320 (modified by Rolf Kelch Electronics) (Switzerland)

 Jan de Groot's TD316 with mods (The Netherlands)

TD318 pulley.JPG (91532 bytes) photo of TD318 drive pulley

CarlsTD320.jpg (229462 bytes) Carl's TD320  (NL)

SLH_td320_ltd_1a.jpg (251042 bytes) Soren's TD320 Limited (Denmark)

 Bill_Hayes TD321 (USA)

ph_td321jubilee_1.jpg (234726 bytes) Paul Hodgson's TD321 UK)

Paul Johnstone's TD320 (Australia)

Rolf_Kelch's Thorens collection (Germany)

Brian Kearn's TD321 (Ireland)

CR_321twins.jpg (111954 bytes) Colin Royle's 'four' TD321 / SME players (United Kingdom)

hjk_TD316III_2.jpg (124029 bytes) Heikki's TD316 mkII (Finland)

Phantasie00.jpg (118129 bytes) Soundbug1's Thorens 'Phantasie' (USA)

HP_phant_1.jpg (251364 bytes) HP's Thorens Phantasie (Australia) 

Spindoctor's Thorens TD321 (USA)

Note about the Phantasie:  It was a special model TD320 constructed in solid clear cast acrylic instead of the usual medium density fiberboard. (MDF)  These were issued to Thorens dealers worldwide as a marketing device to gather attention to the brand.  These models could be ordered from the factory by customers but the price was not low.

TD520 / 521

Circa 1985 - 2001

 Thomas Appel's TD520 (Germany)

Christoph Hegemeier's TD520 (Germany)

With its wider plinth to accommodate 12 inch tonearms, the TD520 carries on in the tradition of the TD125 LB (Long Base), and the TD127.....only in an updated design more akin to the TD3xx and TD2001 models

Unknown owner's TD521 S  Acrylic

R A Webber's TD521 S  Acrylic (Canada)



td524.JPG (126670 bytes) Ferruccio's restored Thorens TD524 (Switzerland)



 ThorensConcrete_04.jpg (110923 bytes) 2010 Frank Knop Thorens.jpg (127108 bytes) hint: click on thumbnail to view image full size.

486668ThorensConcrete01.jpg (70247 bytes) 59a61d38a7efedc5769b14c1b8f7f2fe.jpg (88275 bytes) Concrete_sme3009.jpg (26145 bytes)

This model circa 1988/89

From the booklet; Fascination of a Living Legend:

"In the same year the Thorens team created the "concrete" which had a mixture of granite and concrete die-cast to a heavy base.  This left behind all nasty resonances and provided a solid foundation for the suspended chassis (taken from the TD320) and the massive glass platter (3kg) with felt mat.  All other structural parts were made of high density aluminum, except for the tonearm base which was made of MDF that could also be pre-drilled for taking almost any 9" tonearm"


TD2001, TD3001/ Ambiance.


TD 2001 BC Isotrack - 19.jpg (61385 bytes) Mario Mueller's TD2001BC (Germany

 Rolf_Kelch rescues a wrecked  Thorens Ambiance (Germany)

FA_amb_1.jpg (205057 bytes) Thorens Ambiance Info page


TD280, 290

 Lise Steen's TD280 MKII (Denmark)

 ramossp' s TD290 (USA)

PW0033.jpg (175392 bytes) PW0036.jpg (232266 bytes) PW0130.jpg (130352 bytes) pr15schmad8d8e8.jpg (71143 bytes)

Above: Thorens PR15 Mono integrated amplifier (valve) currently undergoing restoration

Thanks to Paul Woodger for sending in these photos.


Various non hi-fi Thorens turntable models dating from the turn of the 20th century and its acoustic wind-up gramophones  to the portables and compacts made throughout the first half of the 20th century.

Camera Box Portables

P1082760_sm.jpg (484109 bytes)Anna Zustinova's Thorens Camera Box Portable

thorcamrecord.jpg (57808 bytes) Camera Box Portable Thorens 78 player (NL)

Grammophones (acoustic models)

Jvdbro_b.jpg (61125 bytes)Jos Van den Broeck's portable wind-up Thorens  (Belgium)

topside229.jpg (58425 bytes) Barry Halpern's Model No.229 (USA)

Dsc00003.jpg (79977 bytes) Jac's 1933 acoustic model ? (USA)

Jvdbro_a.jpg (49708 bytes) Jos's wind-up portable Thorens (Belgium)

Electronic pick-up models

RC_bookthorens_1.jpg (623626 bytes) RC_bookthorens_2.jpg (356087 bytes) 

above: circa 1943 / 44.  

Pickup: Type HD. Electromagnetic 
tracking force range: ~110 grams 
motor unit: universal type "CC".
Text on spine: Thorens   Modele Depose

Cabinetry: in shape of a book that is bound in hardwood.  Exact model of this unit trim is unknown.   

editors note: I welcome any additional information the reader may want to share.  


DSCF3377.JPG (116059 bytes) DSCF3379.JPG (83821 bytes) DSCF3384.JPG (106314 bytes) 

above: type: 831X ,  (South Africa)

motor units: type 831X
circa 1945 - 46, 
tonearms: Fugue
pick-up: piezo-electric (crystal), soft steel or sapphire stylus, tracking force range; 40 - 60 grams. 


Thorens Turntable-1a.jpg (141047 bytes) Thorens cartridge bottom_a.jpg (204336 bytes) Thorens Turntable-arm lable crystal.jpg (417473 bytes)

Thorens Turntable-2s.jpg (135021 bytes) Thorens motor plate1a.jpg (124921 bytes) Thorens motor view1a.jpg (144997 bytes)

above.... Thorens type: CB33    Alan Ehrlich (Switzerland)

circa 1945 - 46
tonearm: Fugue
pick-up: piezo-electric (crystal), uses soft disposable steel needles*, tracking force range: 40 - 60 grams 
motor unit: 

* info source: "Thorens, The fascination of a living legend" indicates that this tonearm / pickup will also use sapphire stylii.

CD50_1a.jpg (350940 bytes) CD50_2a.jpg (443501 bytes) CD50_3a.jpg (74923 bytes) CD50_4a.jpg (653944 bytes)

Above....Thorens Symphony CD50 changer (circa 1943 / 1954)  Two motors......Capable of tracking above and below as displayed in the two photos.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vgsloOKK-EY  Link to youtube video of another CD50 in action.

Thanks again to Alan Ehrlich (Switzerland) for sending in these photos of his CD50/

CBA-83N (mid 1950's gear drive model)

Niels Masselink's Thorens CBA-83N (NL)



Thorens_808_closed.jpg (33059 bytes)Gian Luca Tugnoli, Thorens 808 portable (Italy)

244diaphragm.jpg (30207 bytes) Rene's Thorens Model No. 244  (Holland)

Thorens_musico.JPG (78882 bytes) Thorens Musico (Germany)

JV_cd30_1.jpg (95146 bytes)Jorge Vicedo's Thorens model CD30 changer (Spain)


misc photo

springmotor_1.jpg (103221 bytes)





Note: all photos supplied by owners....