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TD160 Dept:


TD160 manuals in html:

FrontCover.jpg (59745 bytes) Thorens TD 160 MK I User Manual, html

Cover_f.jpg (71398 bytes) Thorens TD 160 MK II User Manual, html


Thorens TD16x  manuals in PDF

TD160 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr 

TD165 Manual, Eng/Ger/Fr

TD166 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr (All you ever want to know)

TD166_sv Manual in English (service manual)

Supplementary Sheet, TP-62 


Setting Up My First TD160            

motor_1web.jpg (42987 bytes)TD160maintenance and  tuning

TD160mo_4.jpg (104547 bytes) Repairing a TD160 motor

TD160section_2 copy.jpg (51988 bytes)Suspension Tuning by Tim Bailey

rot_sprng.jpg (202357 bytes) More suspension tuning notes.....by Steve Clarke

Above: just a sketch

Thorens Spare Part Numbers

Thorens tweaks page by Webmaster.  This page started out as a 'Chadwick Mods' page and has since turned into a more conservative and hopefully intelligent approach to getting more out of the TD160C.

RK160II_004.jpg (41841 bytes)Tweaking a TD160 ala Rolf Kelch

Thorens Links:

http://edimba.tripod.com/PDF/PDF.html  online user manuals for a variety of Thorens tables in PDF and HTML.

http://www.stefanopasini.it/Audio_index_Thorens.htm  a great site with a picture history of Thorens tables.

http://www.stefanopasini.it/images/Thor1215.pdf an informative Thorens history article by Stefano Pasini. (highly recommended)

http://www.audioinvest.no/ some useful specs and history in general on Thorens and other turntables


user510_1b.jpg (69845 bytes) TD-160 MK I in detail with interior photos

160MK2.jpg (45246 bytes) TD-160 MK II in detail with interior photos

sftypostdwg.jpg (71000 bytes)Safety Post dwg.


TP16 bd2.jpg (53802 bytes) TP16 MK 1 Tonearm disassembled

TD-160Cinfosheet.jpg (129571 bytes)  TD-160 MK I info sheet.  Thanks to Ed Alderson for this scan.  Ed bought his TD-160 new back in 1975 and was offered this propaganda sheet prior to making his purchase.  Notice the close-up picture of the motor pulley indicates the absence of any safety post.  File size 129K .

BMTD160a_web.jpg (142301 bytes)  BMTD160b_web.jpg (165460 bytes)  TD-160 MK I info sheets.  File sizes, 142K and 165K. These scans from an anonymous contributor.  Thanks...!

HFAMar82 p1.JPG (766712 bytes) Thorens review articles from British audio mag. "Hi-Fi Answers". 

Some Thorens TD160 and TD160Super info in there...!  Many have been searching for the info in these articles.   Thanks to Jack Leong for these scans.


Thanks to '2Channelman' for this picture.

Q-up_1.jpg (83221 bytes) Q-up_2.jpg (102874 bytes) Package from a Thorens Q-UP


About The THORENS synchronous drive motors.

The TD-160  is driven by a 16 pole two-phase synchronous motor. This motor has two identical stators which work on the rotor at an angle of precisely 90 to one another.

The speed of rotation is determined by the power frequency and by the number of poles used and, therefore, this will always remain constant regardless of aging, dirt or climatic conditions.

Motor rpm at 50 hz mains frequency: 375  (50 hz / 8 x 60 = 375) @33-1/3rd platter rpm

Motor rpm at 60 hz mains frequency: 450 (60 hz / 8 x 60 = 450) @33-1/3rd platter rpm

A different diameter pulley is used in either case to arrive at a precise 33-1/3 and 45 platter rpm.


***Current source for both 60 hz and 50 hz clutch pulleys: http://www.audiosilente.com/


Simone Lucchetti, proprietor at Audiosilente,  has machined aluminum clutch pulleys for the TD16x models.  These will also work on the TD150. He sells on ebay using the seller id: audiosilente

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Other uses of the AC synchronous motor: electric clock before the quartz oscillator came into popular use for time keeping.  Prior to the quartz oscillator, good quality electric wall clocks were often regarded as being much more accurate than a mechanical clock or watch of the same era.


an SME armboard for the TD160