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Welcome to: The Analog Dept. 

The Analog Dept. (TAD)

The focus at this website is to provide useful information freely to audiophiles interested in the hardware that plays the vinyl Lp.

Littering the web since 2002

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January 2021

Above photo from misc_photo_Raymond Pics 2021



what's up:


Takeaways from Swiss Precision; a book review (Link)


Book Review: Deutsche Perfektion; The History Of The Legendary EMT Turntables. (Link)



Pat Lecce's Thorens TD160 mkII --- restored and playing  LINK



From the Garrard Gallery: 


Link to The Garrard Gallery (LINK)



What about that Thorens Concrete...

Link to the Thorens Gallery


The R7.1A project has a new plinth to work with. 



For Sale Ads:

Need a dustcover for your McIntosh MC275, 240 and 225?  Ferruccio has them

Link to page

left: a standard Hood with cutout  from Ferruccio

For the Thorens TD124: The Standard Hood...with or without cutout

For the Thorens TD124: The XL Hood


Swiss Precision: the 3rd Edition is now available ( Link to more info )

End Ads



Table of Contents:


Thorens User Manuals / Service Manuals Dept:   

Turntable manuals and tonearm manuals in pdf and html format.  

(Mostly Thorens content, some SME, one Otari R2R set of manuals) 

Copy free to your hard drive.


 Alignment FAQ(Link)










(answers to frequently asked questions)

A visual reference and definition of commonly used terms in tonearm alignment including 

vtf, vta, azimuth, effective length, overhang, pivot to spindle, etc.

a tutorial for setting vta and SRA

A page explaining cartridge and arm matching, effective mass vs compliance, etc.

How to calculate/estimate an arm/cartridge match-up prior to buying the cartridge (or tonearm) 

Setting overhang with a 2 point protractor.  



Thorens Dept

An extensive collection of Thorens information





Thorens production data  

Thorens Tonearm vital dimensions, various models

Thorens Spare Part Numbers  

Thorens history

Thorens factory product technical drawings

Thorens user manuals a large assortment of Thorens owners and service manuals available for online viewing and download.

Vintage Thorens product brochures


TD124 Dept

Thorens TD 125/126 Dept.  

Thorens TD150 Dept   

Thorens TD 160 Dept.

Thorens Reference MK 1 taking a look at the most ambitious turntable the factory developed.

Restoring a Thorens Reference mk1 Rolf Kelch restores a Thorens Reference Mk II

Thorens Detail pictures:  Taking a close look inside the box.


TD125 MK I, Description

TD-145 MK I,  an inside-the-box photo of an "automated TD160", the TD145.

Looking inside the TD150 MK II. Photos contributed by Dave Roberts with a link to a more detailed description of the TD150 that Dave refurbished.

TD-160 MK I in detail with interior photos

TD-160 MK II in detail with interior photos

Various Detail Photos of a TP16 MK I

TD-166 BC in detail with interior photos

TD Platter Bearings.  Some photo documentation of the many variations to be found.

Thorens Maintenance pages:

Suspension Tuning  by Tim Bailey

More suspension tuning notes.....with lots of pictures....and movies.

TP16 MK I Tonearm maintenance and adjustment to the cueing mechanism. Installing RCA interconnect jacks.  Lot's of photos.

TD160 drive pulleys Taking one apart. It's a clutch pulley.

Setting Up My First TD160  Some tips for those beginning the journey.    

Finding a proper replacement belt Testing replacement belts from various belt vendors.  

Vintage magazine articles and test reports scanned magazine reviews on various Thorens turntables.

Thorens Photo Gallery: readers send in photos of their Thorens. A lot of readers.

Tweaking your Thorens:

Tweaking the TD125 -126 ala Rolf Kelch

Tweaking a TD150 Mk II.  

Tweaking a TD160 ala Rolf Kelch advanced techniques.

Tweaking a TD160, simple, easy-to-do mods to get better sound.

Rewiring a TP16mkII with silver wire.

Bushman's TD166 "Ambiance" taking it well beyond the next level.

Turntable photo galleries.  All photos sent in by their owners.

The Thorens Gallery:  

Garrard Gallery  models: 301 and 401 

Lenco Gallery   photos of all Lenco turntable models sent in by their owners.

SP10 Gallery     The SP10 Gallery includes the Technics turntable models; SP10, SP10 mkII, SP10 mkIIa, SP10 mkIII, and the upcoming SP10R


Cartridge Gallery Microscope photos....Link


Readers send in photos of their listening room and sound systems.  The one main requirement is that the system must play vinyl. Some of these systems are very expensive, others are ingenious in their DIY build qualities. Others represent years of evolution.  And they are all works in progress.

Plinth builder's Gallery: A photo gallery of custom bases and surrounds for high-end record players. Both commercial and ameteur (diy) examples are included. All photos are sent in by their authors.

What's Under Your Turntable?  a photo gallery of TT support systems 

The Idler Drives (work in progress with photos)




DIY Dept.

This page is for those crafty folks who want to build some of their own bits and pieces.


Create your own turntable.-  DIY Turntables

DIY Platter Mats: make your own platter mats  here are some ideas.

Armboards: fitting an SME 3009 Improved tonearm to a TD160 is not simple.

Tweaks page.  Improving a TD160 simple mods that make dramatic improvements

Tweaking a TD160 ala Rolf Kelch: Advanced techniques.

Shelves, platforms and plinths by Bushman: Advanced techniques.

Shelves and platforms  by user510: some simple frame building, and some not so simple,  to support your turntable.

Interesting Vinyl

Many, many photos of Lps I've encountered and some that I have lusted for.

Free LP database Software for that vast LP collection you're hoarding.  Link here, it's free..

Decoding UK EMI Parlophones, plus other interesting labels and finds.

Teres (now history)

A high end turntable from Teres Audio

A history of maintenance and tweaks

Articles and Component Reviews:

articles, component reviews, and projects 

system development, 

philosophical approaches to enjoying audio, 

turntable restoration projects

turntable enhancement projects

commentaries on the audio hobby

a few examples of the content:  

Garrardzilla (A Garrard 301 with more muscle, lots more muscle)

Review: The Sonic Research Sonus Blue induced magnet phono cartridge

Retro:  looking back at the Infinity Black Widow tonearm...when it is partnered with its classic match-up; the ADC-XLM mkII.

Boston Audio Mat 2: review  (for the SP10mkII)

Checking out the Minus-K isolation platform

Hagerman Trumpet phono stage

Project #79209  A TD150 restored and transformed 

Project #13943 A TD124 starts off with a bare metal chassis and then proceeds to build with some non-traditional components and thinking.  

The SP10 project page  now history, it documents my experience with a good example of the SP10 mk2. 

Review: Boston Audio Design Mat 1 J. Noble ---

Diy'ing A Time Machine, J. Noble

SME Dept.

Detail photos of SME 3009 and 3012 tonearms assembled and disassembled. 

Restoring an Audio Classic by Brian Kearns

For SME owners manuals refer to the manuals page.

Analog Links Page  Links to sites found to be useful

Analog Classifieds ..... Otherwise known as The 'Stuff for Sale' Dept.

Web Log : commentary, opinions, ideas and perspective, navel gazing and misc. ramblings.

Misc Photo: photos, not necessarily in line with the subject matter of the rest of the site.  Here I exercise my interests in photography..

I buy used Thorens, AR, Garrard and Technics SP10 Record players

For more info contact: [email protected]

Webmaster: Steve Clarke

much of the imagery on this site is copyright Steve Clarke, unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to use any of my imagery for your own purposes please contact me before doing so.

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Photo: Blown Away Steve Steigman


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